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You’ve just made the biggest step. Now it’s time for some QuickSteps.

Whatever dance you have in mind, you be able to learn it at QuickSteps

Congratulations on your engagement! And well done on visiting QuickSteps. It means you are thinking seriously about the wedding dance. And so you should – it may well be the talking point of your special day.

You may want it to be traditional, contemporary, classical, jazzy, funky, waltzy, nowhere near waltzy, groovy, rock’n’rolly or even dirty-dancey!

Dancing is fun! So forget about the stodgy old images your imagination may be conjuring up – we are young, enthusiastic, and love what we do. And so will you!

QuickSteps is Australia’s biggest social dance studio. We provide private, personalised lessons for all kinds of dance styles. We are very professional, but we know how to make it fun.

That’s why the first lesson is on us, with absolutely no obligation!

Three categories

We usually find wedding couples fit into one of three categories:

· Show Stoppers - Both partners are really keen to perform something individual and creative for their wedding.

· Go Getters - Both partners have always wanted to try dancing, but never made the time for lessons. Now they have the perfect reason to make the time.

· Kickers & Draggers - One partner is really up for it (well done girls), the other is reluctant to say the least (c’mon guys!). But don’t worry - we always end up with a happy ending.

At QuickSteps, everyone is welcome. If you’re old enough to drive, then you’re old enough to jive or swing or tango or whatever you have in mind. Apart from lessons, we have a fab social dance vibe so you can melt the ice with other couples as well as heat up the dance floor.


1. How many lessons will we need?

Depends on what you want to do, and how quickly you pick it up. If you’re really good, you’d probably need to allow for 8-10 lessons. Most couples have about 15 lessons. A few practice for two years – now that’s true love!

2. How much lead time do we need to allow?

Depends on the amount of lessons you have, but we recommend you begin at least 6 months before the big day. That way you can progress at a stress-less pace.

3. Got a feeling we’re in the two-left feet category. Are we unteachable?

Of course not! Most people are nowhere near as bad as they think they are. And if you are one of the very few dancing-challenged, we’ll still get you wowing the crowd with your smooth moves.

4. Our time is a bit hectic. Is it easy to book?

Yep – know exactly where you are coming from. Quite a few of our couples are time poor, and some are shift workers. That’s why our opening times are fairly broad. We’ll definitely be able to find a time that suits you. Opening hours are 2pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and all day Sunday.

5. Where is Quicksteps?

Smack bang in the heart of the city at 261 Pulteney Street (between Wakefield and Angus). On street parking is usually not a problem after 5pm. Actually, it’s not much of a problem during the day (except for the parking meters).

Contact us

A: 261 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, T: 08 8121 3399, E:

Oppening hours: Monday to Friday and Sunday 2pm to 10pm

Contact us now to book your complimentary, no obligation lesson and get your wedding dance started today!

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