10 Ways to Get Him Dancing

Okay ladies so you want to dance but your man’s not so keen? Here’s a few tricks you might be able to try to persuade him.

10. Make a deal!

If he goes to dance class with you then next time you go to the movies he can choose the movie and you’ll pretend to love it. Even if it’s an action flick.

9. Take a cute photo of your dog!

Take a photo of your dog with a sign around its neck saying “I wish you’d take her dancing already” and share it on his Facebook.

8. Tell him that the longer he refuses to dance the longer your leg hair will grow.

Go on a complete leg shaving strike until he agrees to take you to class.

7. Cook him a beautiful meal!

Cook him a meal with amazing fragrances that fill the house. When he’s really excited about it and hovering around the kitchen let him watch you put it in containers and into the freezer. Lock the freezer with a padlock which only you have the key to. “This meal is for us to have when we get back from dancing”.

6. Buy a sexy new dress!

that you know he’ll love and try it on just as he is coming home from work. Then put it away, “this dress is for salsa classes”.

5. Write him a letter.

Write him a letter about how much it would mean to you if he went to dance classes and have it signed by all of your friends. Never underestimate the power of peer pressure.

4. Pretend to speak to a girlfriend on the phone!

Pretend to speak to a friend on the phone just within ear shot. Pretend she’s telling you about how her partner is finally learning to dance and how it has really spiced things up in the bedroom. Act shocked at some of the crazy things she is telling you.

3. Put a sign on your bedroom door!

Put a sign on your bedroom door that says “dance enthusiasts only” and make him sleep on the couch.

2. Play dance music really loudly!

Play music really loudly at home all day every day and tell him that you’ve been seeing a therapist for depression due to a lack of dancing. The therapist said this was the only way to get it out of your system and that you would have to continue playing it loudly every day until you go to dance class.

1. Go dancing yourself!

Have lots of fun, make lots of new friends and make sure he sees what he is missing out on. You go girl!

You’re welcome and good luck.