QuickSteps Trip to Cebu, Philippines

QuickSteps Trip to Cebu,

Cebu, Philippines


After QuickSteps went on a cruise in 2016, students voted Philippines as their preferred destination. This is likely because they've seen so many amazing Filipinos - our own dance teachers Jayson and Rommel, and Kevin and Roi who joined us on the 2016 cruise.

QuickSteps has formed a strong relation with DanceSport Team Cebu City (DTCC) who train 1000s of children in the art of ballroom dancing. Many of these children are very poor who live in Cebu City slums. Those children who succeed in the organisation are given amazing opportunities to improve their lives, including competing overseas.

Here is video of what the DTCC do:

Children couple dancing at Cebu, Philippines.
Group of children dancing at Cebu, Philippines.


  • 3rd November to 12th November

  • 3 nights Cebu City at the Radisson Blu #1 on TripAdvisor in Cebu City

    • Dance Ballroom Clubs -> Ballroom clubs are bars with live music where people congregate every night for ballroom dancing. There are plenty of freelance dancers that dance with patrons, and you provide them with a small tip at the end of the evening.

    • Visit DanceSport Team Cebu

    • Boat tour around the nearby tropical islands

Photos of the Radisson Blu:

Building of Radisson Blu hotel, Cebu City.
Water park at Radisson Blu hotel, Cebu City.
Lounge at Radisson Blu hotel, Cebu City.
Restaurant at Radisson Blu hotel, Cebu City.
  • 5 nights at Kandaya Beach Resort #1 on TripAdvisor in Northern Cebu

    • Relax in the amazing resort

    • Dance Lessons with Michelle and the DTCC teachers

    • Social Dancing. We'll aim to have a ratio of 1 dance teacher to 4 guests.

Photos of Kandaya Beach Resort:

Outside area with a pool at Kandaya Beach Resort, Northern Cebu.
Ocean view from Kandaya Beach Resort, Northern Cebu.
Lounge at Kandaya Beach Resort, Northern Cebu.
Hotel room at Kandaya Beach Resort, Northern Cebu.


Guests choose and book their own flights through our recommended travel agent (see below) or by themselves.

The easiest options are Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. Guests can chose to do stopovers or add extra destinations on to their trip.

Michelle and I will be on the following flights. If you are on these flights, transport to/from the Cebu hotel will be arranged for you.

Date Depart Arrive
Adelaide Hong Kong Cathay Pacific CX174 3/11/17 07:45 14:00
Hong Kong Cebu Cathay Pacific CX925 3/11/17 16:05 18:50
Cebu Hong Kong Cathay Pacific CX922 11/11/17 12:15 15:05
Hong Kong Adelaide Cathay Pacific CX173 11/11/17 19:05 06:20 +1

What's next?

Speak to any QuickSteps team-member for more information.

Jacqui K, a long time QuickSteps student, is a Flight Centre travel agent who is taking bookings and payments for this trip. She has a wealth of knowledge and can help you book the perfect flights and stopovers. Jacqui can also help with transfers, insurance and payment arrangements.

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