Bachata by the Beach @ Bacchus Bar

Bachata by the Beach @ Bacchus Bar

Post-Covid Update: Cancelled.

Quick Update: Friday 21.03.19

Due to the success of this event the owners are now going to be running it continuously year round rather than stopping during winter 🙂 Hooray!

Bachata by the Beach @ Bacchus Bar

There’s something about Bacchus Bar… It doesn’t have the most modern décor or the latest light fittings but there is something about it that makes it a very enjoyable little bar. It’s eclectic interior, random Jimi Hendrix posters and worn wooden floor from years of drinks and dancing making it inviting and genuine. The bar staff are friendly and the food is delicious.

I had heard about the Bachata by the Beach event before but never gone along, as Bachata is not my favourite dance. Not having heard about it for a while I assumed it had stopped until it popped up on a Facebook feed so I figured I should give it a go.

I was surprised where I ended up!

It was Sunday afternoon and I had packed up the bar at QuickSteps and driven straight down to Henley Beach. I walked from the car, across the car park towards the Henley Surf Life Saving Club taking in the beautiful sunset. The wind was icy cold and I had to hold my jacket shut and my hood down over my head to stop it from blowing off. I felt like the bad weather was doing everything to keep me from going to the bar…

Latin Music & Vibe

As I got closer to my destination I could hear the unmistakable and consistent ringing of a cowbell and I knew I was close. The sound grew clearer and more instruments started to jump out. The Latin music was typically cheerful and upbeat and I could now hear people chattering and laughing over the top and I immediately felt excited about getting inside and not just to get out of the cold.

Bachata by the Beach @ Bacchus Bar

The patio of the tiny venue had been completely enclosed with plastic blinds to keep the nasty weather out and the good vibes in. It was working.

As soon as I crossed the threshold I was greeted by smiling faces.

Almost all of the tables and chairs on the tiny patio area were taken and it only got more crowded the further I got inside.

Floor Made for Bachata

Into the main dance floor area and I met up with some of the QuickSteps crew who were sitting right next to the dance floor as usual! It wasn’t long before someone asked me to dance and I got up for a Bachata, then another, then another. I haven’t been to any event in Adelaide where they play so many Bachatas but the more Bachata I danced the more I liked it! There was no threat of being stepped on or speared with a stiletto even on the dance floor which was 20 square meters at best.

It was so relaxed because the steps are so easy to control!

The music stopped and one of the dancers gave a crash course in Bachata. At least 50% of the crowd got up and joined in and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. One participant was heckling a little but it was all in good fun and he even got up and danced in the end!

Bachata by the Beach @ Bacchus Bar

Jeans & Age Mix

The crowd here are slightly older than the crowd you can find at some Latin nights which I liked. It was great to see a good mix of 30, 40 and 50 somethings all dancing and enjoying the evening together. Overall it’s a very relaxed and casual affair with most of the crowd in jeans and flat shoes. The attendees are all very friendly and quick to compliment one another’s dancing.

The atmosphere is friendly, happy and warm causing you to quickly forget the horrible winter weather outside. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Bachata by the Beach and will certainly be adding to my regular dance calendar.

This is the perfect way to dance away your winter blues.

You’ll feel as though you have stepped out of your everyday life and landed in a small bar in Cuba for the night! You warm up quickly after a few dances and even though I arrived in a winter jacket I left in a singlet! In saying that though… I am particularly looking forward to coming back in summer when I imagine they will open the bar up completely to the summer air and the beautiful beachfront outside. See you on the dance floor!


Bachata by the Beach @ Bacchus Bar