Bachata Sensation Performance Team

Bachata Sensation Performance Team

In February we’re hosting Bachata Sensation Performance Team!  This is the second event where we’ve partnered with Espirito Latino events to bring interstate talent to Adelaide for workshops and parties.  

As part of this event we’ll be doing a Rueda performance, and so we need to put together a performance team!  If you’d like to be involved there are four important considerations:

  1. You need to have a current active QuickSteps membership (not on pause).

  2. You need to have completed Salsa Intermediate 1a – marked off on your syllabus by your teacher.  As we say – A good rule of thumb is can you dance these steps without a partner, and while having a conversation?

  3. You need to make it to the rehearsals on Sundays at 2:15pm (starting November 17th).  There are only about 10 weeks to practice the routine, so missing weeks is going to set you back!

  4. You’ll need to purchase a ticket for the Bachata Sensation after party on the 22nd Feb 2020 ($20 per person) where the performance is taking place.

Facebook Event:


Location: QuickSteps Dance Club Studio

When: Saturday, February 22, 2020, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

After the success of Salsa Sensation earlier in the year we now bring you Bachata Sensation Performance Team

If you can fulfill these four requirements, and you’re interested please get in touch with Ben. 

Here’s Fra talking about the performance team: