Adult Dance Lessons

Adult Dance Lessons

Is it too late to start learning to dance?

Quick answer: No.

The first thing to realise with the adult dance class is it is never too late to start! We are regularly approached by adults asking if they are too old to dance. Our answer is always of course not!

Dance is for everyone and the beautiful thing about ballroom and Latin dancing is that there are so many different styles to choose from. If one does not suit you because of injury or even frailty we can simply choose another style that does. We had a member that was 85. He didn’t do a lot of jive as he found it a little tough on his knees but he loved rumba, cha cha and foxtrot and danced them all with gusto!

Adult Dance Lessons

Are all of the other members adults?

Quick answer: Yes.

This depends on the dance studio, but yes, at QuickSteps all of our members are 18+ so everyone is in the same boat.

Our teachers are specifically trained to teach adults, which is very different to teaching children. Also, as we have a liquor licensed cafe & bar, it is important to ensure that our students are over 18.

Although you can find adult classes in most types of dancing, from ballet to tap and contemporary dance, you will find a majority of adults learn a style of partner dancing. This is because many adults use dancing as a way to meet people and partner styles are well suited to this.

To get an idea of what partner styles we teach, head to our page showcasing the dances we teach.

Adult Dance Lessons
Adult Dance Lessons

How old are members that take adult dance lessons?

Quick answer: From 25 to 65.

Although we invite members from the age of 18 we find that most of our members are 25 years and over with most sitting in the 35-65yrs bracket. One of the things we love the most about adult dance lessons is that they bring people together of all ages through a common interest. We have groups of members at QuickSteps that range in age from 20-60 and regularly go out to dinners together as a group. It’s not about your age, it’s about being a fun, dance loving individual!

Adult Dance LessonsWhat is the difference between an adult dance studio and kids dance studio?

Quick answer: Age, bar and relaxed atmosphere.

The main difference between our studio and a regular children’s dance studio is our liquor licensed cafe & bar. We think of adult dance lessons as not only an opportunity to improve your health and fitness but a time to relax and unwind with other adults. We love seeing our members mix and mingle in our cafe & bar between and after class. Many of our members have children and love the opportunity to leave them at home with family or a baby-sitter to enjoy a relaxing evening.

That doesn’t mean children are not welcome. Other members bring their kids along to watch them dance, particularly if having a lesson on Satruday or Sundays. We find they have always been very well behaved and quite intrigued with the dancing.

Adult Dance Lessons

Why do adults do dance lessons?

Quick answer: Fitness, socialising, strengthening relationships, self confidence.

There are many benefits for adults when it comes to them taking up dance lessons. Adult dance classes are good for:

  • Physical health and fitness – toning, conditioning, aerobic health and balance. After all, it is the only physical activity that wards off alzheimers.

  • Mental health – Dancing consumes your mind entirely! You no longer stress about the day when you are thinking about timing, patterns, floor craft and your partner!

  • Socialising – It’s a great way to socialise, meet people and extend your social circle.
  • Strengthening relationships – When couples learn to dance together the journey brings them closer and helps them to communicate on and off the dance floor as well as giving them a joint hobby to partake in every night of the week. A great alternative to sitting in front of the TV together.

  • Self confidence – Learning to dance improves self-confidence both on and off the dance floor.

Adult Dance Lessons
Adult Dance Lessons