The Tonsley Hotel with Groove Brothers and Soul Sister

null Better late then never… 

Heading to the Tonsley Hotel on Saturday night was a last minute idea… but that didn’t seem to affect attendance or enthusiasm! The Hotel was packed with QuickSteppers wining, dining and grooving well into the wee hours. 

two ladies spinning on dance floor

When Fra, Gabby and I first arrived the front bar was busy but calm with patrons sitting on lounge chairs surrounding the dance floor, patiently enjoying their drinks, chatting quietly and waiting for the band to start. 

the band begin at the Tonsley

Hello… Is anyone here? 

We saw Ann and Amy in a booth in the corner and headed over to say hello. We figured that the rest of the members would slowly drift in throughout the night. Little did we know that a large group had pre-arranged to meet earlier and have dinner so there were already about 30 members in the restaurant awaiting our arrival. 

The Tonsley is another great venue on our list of places to go ballroom and Latin dancing in Adelaide. The floor is lovely to dance on (if a little squeezy) and the venue itself is warm and inviting. You can even wear your dance shoes without them getting ruined because the dance floor is clean and the surrounding area is soft, fluffy carpet. 

The Tonsley front bar has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere overall. 

Front Bar and Seating at Tonsley Hotel

A very groovey band! 

Mel, Bel and Lew make up Groove Brothers and Soul Sister. This local cover band have been playing together in pubs and clubs round Adelaide for many years and seem to enjoy playing to a dance crowd. They were able to play a huge variety of music from the 50’s to now, from rock’n roll to cha cha cha! 

band singing at Tonsley Hotel

The band started playing from 9pm and half a song was all it took for the dance floor to go from empty to completely full. In fact, we were dancing near the bar, behind the seats and in the dining room! 

spinning on dance floor
couple dancing at tonsely hotel

In true QuickSteps fashion we danced our fair share of line dances including our Samba Line Dance and Winston’s famous Disco line dance. QuickSteppers and non QuickSteppers alike got up to join in. 

Not sure how to dance the QuickSteps Samba Line Dance? Here it is! 

The main styles danced at this event were rumba, rock ‘n roll, swing and cha cha with a few salsas from time to time and one Bachata towards the end. 

Time flies… 

It was midnight before we knew it! Where had the time gone? Fra and Gabby were both teaching in the morning so we had to head off but we are told that band carried on until 1am and many members partied on past that. Well done everyone! 

I would highly recommend the Tonsley Hotel to social dancers as they often have great live music there as well as a few couples that dance there relatively regularly so you wont always be up there dancing alone. Of course, it’s most fun in a large group so keep an eye on our facebook page to see when we are heading there next and come join in. 

See you on the dance floor! 

Ann and Neil dancing Rumba at Tonsley Hotel

Missed Out? 

Don’t Panic! We head out as a large group and go dancing at lots of different venues. We generally go once a month. Keep an eye on our facebook page and come along! 🙂