Lucifer’s Lounge at The Irish Club

Wayne laughing whilst dancing

Yes, July 20th 2019 was cold, wet and wintery but it didn’t stop the QuickSteps Crew invading the Irish Club for a dance! 

Adelaide City Council was running their annual Umbrella City Sounds festival. Venues around the city invite musicians to play and entertain the crowds in an attempt to stop the whole of Adelaide hibernating! 


Part of this festival is an event called ZigZag. ZigZag enlists 5 or 6 venues in the South Eastern Corner of the City to have free live music on the same day allowing patrons to ‘zig zag’ between venues. 

Gerry from Lucifers Lounge

Lucifer’s Lounge were the headline act at The Irish Club on Carrington St so we went along to see them. 

keyboard player

QuickSteps has enjoyed having Lucifer’s Lounge at many of our Winter and Summer Balls over the years so we know them very well and always love dancing to their extensive repertoire. 

When we arrived at The Irish Club at 8pm we were surprised to find that the band start time had been moved to 9:30pm! In true Quicksteps style we made the best out of the situation and decided to head down the road to The Saracen’s Head Hotel for a few warm up drinks beforehand.

people sitting at hotel
peaople chilling

A couple of the teachers waited at The Irish Club so that we could redirect people to the new location. By the time we met up with everyone at the Saracen’s Head Kevin, Roi and Francesco had set up a game in the front bar with coasters. Those guys will make a competition out of anything! 

The game became quite raucous and was a very entertaining way to pass the time. Great idea guys! 


At 9:15pm we started to drift back down the road to The Irish Club so we could be sure not to miss a single song. 

The band started up and the QuickSteps Crew was on the dance floor form the first song. 

Fra and Lauren dancing at event

It got quite crowded once we all hit the dance floor! 

crowded floor here!

A lack of space didn’t stop us! Quicksteppers were dancing between the tables, around the bar and even on the balcony! 

winston and gina waltz
Roi with member dancing salsa
couple danicng

These outings are not all about the dancing. They are also a great opporunity for our members to mingle, catch up and chat outside of the studio. 

rock n roll dancers at event
group photo of dancers
Gabby and Dianna
haha dale

Dale is posing for us here. Showing us how to ‘look very serious on a balcony’. Thanks Dale! haha 

couple singing and dancing together

In traditional Lucifer’s Lounge style the final song was That’s Amore’. QuickSteppers and non QuickSteppers alike danced and sang together. It was quite a scene! 

ballroom dancing couple

ZigZag was a wonderful way to spend a wintery night and it reminded me of why we do what we do. Dancing is not about having perfect tehnique or winning a competition. It is about socialising and having fun. Getting off the couch, out of the house and away from the screen. It’s about making new friends and connecting with others. 

Mish and Michael

Thanks to all that attended and we’ll see you on the dance floor again soon! 

xx Mish