Espirito Latino (On hold)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Esperito Latino is cancelled until further notice whilst the organisers look for the perfect year round venue. I will keep you all updated! 

Espirito Latino has moved from The Maid to it’s neighbouring pub and next home, The Republic, for some of the winter months. If you’ve already read my blog about Espirito Latino at the Maid you would know that the main draw card for The Maid is it’s beautiful beer garden which is perfect for summer but… not so great during winter. 

As of last Sunday the 21st April Espirito Latino is downstairs in the basement of The Republic on Magill rd. 

Sultan spins his partner in salsa dance

When you enter you are greeted by 3 flights of stairs running deeper and deeper underground, creating an air of mystery. 

As you enter you are hit with the warm red glow of the lights and exposed brick walls making the whole bar feel cosy and inviting. 

sultan dances in sweetheart position with his partner during salsa

There is a working fireplace down there too making it extra cosy and inviting. Don’t worry! It’s nowhere near the dance floor so you can salsa without getting too hot. They really have thought of everything.

crowd of salsa dancers at event on crowded floor

As always there are line dances, (or ‘Animations’ as they are called on the street Latin festival scene) so even beginners can get up and join in. This is also a great way to get involved if you are new on the scene and don’t know anyone yet. 

I asked Eleni about why she is hosting the event and what she is hoping to achieve

‘It is a weekly social invite, open to dancers and non dancers alike. Connect, socialise, catch up with friends or make new ones, this is the aim.’

djs at Latino event in Adelaide

Dj Lobo is still hard at work making sure the Latin tunes are just right! The team behind Espirito Latino have now decided to do play 2 salsa songs, 2 bachata songs and then 1 Zouk and 1 Kizomba to keep the latin crowd happy and dancing all night long! Great mix! 

‘We mix Latin/brazilian with a touch of…. so there is chacha merengue, reggaeton, salsaton, salsa, bachata, Brazilian Zouk, samba and kizomba.Every 3rd song we play a Zouk but the rest is a blend of all the above.’ says organiser, Eleni 

man and lady dance salsa
couple laughing whilst dancing salsa
lady laughing

As always there were special guest performers to kick off the night which the crowd really loved! 

crowd watching samba performance
samba dancers in full samba dress for latin performance

These ladies are in the traditional samba dress. 

samba dancer performing at Latin night

Once the show was over it was back to the dance floor! 

lady doing spin during salsa dance at latin night

Espirito Latino is on hold (see above)

If you are looking for more places to go salsa dancing or even just dancing in general follow this link to a blog all about social dancing in Adelaide

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