Group Dance Class Challenge

Category: Social Dancing / Last Updated: Fri Nov 1 '19 / Written By: Seb


Group Dance Class Challange



At QuickSteps, our members learn through a combination of group and private dance classes.


Over the years, as our studio has grown, in order to keep group class sizes at an average of around 20 people we've added more and more group dance classes which we hold in the beautiful Baker Ballroom at the back of our studio.

In 2017 we had used up every weekday evening timeslot for group dance classes, so in order to fit in more classes we had no choice but to open 7 days.

We then gradually filled up all the weekend timeslots for group classes, and now they're full too!  We'd like to put on more group classes, but we really can't as we need the main dance floor for private classes.

We now have more than 50 classes every week!

Now here comes the crux - it dawned upon us that we might have the most group dance classes available to our members, in Latin, Swing, Ballroom... in the whole world.


The most in the whole world. Right here in Adelaide.  


To share ideas Michelle and I visit dance studios, owners & teachers everywhere we travel. Our holidays are planned around what dance studios, owners and teachers to visit. Yep, we're a bit nuts. 

So here's the challenge - can anyone find another dance studio with more weekly group classes? If so, please let us know -  it'll be the next place we visit :)