Isolation and Styling Exercises to Improve Your Dancing


Practice makes perfect.

When your dance teacher tells you this for the millionth timethey are not just referring to dance through step patterns to music. Practising small elements and techniques outside of step pattern practise is paramount when it comes to becoming a good dancer. 

This videos will give you some excercises to practise at home. 

Video 1

Here’s Jam taking us through;

  • Hip Movement Excercise
  • Rib Movement Excercises
  • Leg Actions (eg. swivels)

Video 2

Now for some arm excercise with Mish. 

If you enjoyed the arm movement excercises head to this next blog where you can also pratise along with Roi and learn to perfect his famous ‘arm wave’. 

Video 3

Something just for the leaders… 

Video 3

Some styling and perfromance poses just for the followers.