Get Ready to Move Your Feet with Mini Dance Groups at QuickSteps

Get Ready to Move Your Feet with Mini Dance Groups at QuickSteps

What are Mini Dance Groups?

  • A Mini Group is a 6-week course of one certain style and level of dance. For example; Foundations 1 Rock n Roll – Monday nights at 7:45 pm (May 10th-June 14th).
  • There are only 8 members in each group dance class, and this is divided into 4 leads, and 4 follows.
  • Mini Dance Groups are not included in our normal memberships. They are available for current members and non-members to purchase for $149 per person for the whole 6 weeks. 

Why Join Mini Dance Groups? 

A Mini Group really is the perfect blend of a group lesson and a private lesson. You get the personalized tuition of a private lesson in a social group class environment. 

As there are only 8 people in the group dance class, the teacher is able to go into more detail than they would in a normal group class of up to 30-40 people. Rather than just covering the step patterns and working on repetition the teacher can go over:

  • Lead and Follow 
  • Body Positions
  • Styling
  • Musicality

With such a small class the teacher will sometimes complete the standard material in half the usual time and be able to cover some bonus steps with you too.

Oh. And the teachers love Mini Groups, so that’s a pretty good reason to join. Happy teachers= Happy life. 

How Do I Know When The Mini Dance Groups Are On?

Mini Groups show up in our regular timetable every 6 weeks. Your teacher will invite you along to the appropriate Mini Groups. Once you have chosen a Mini Group you’d like to join, you can enroll through your ‘QS Diary’. Your spot will then be held, you will receive a text message from QuickSteps notifying you of when $149 will be charged through your direct debit (this is generally the week before the Mini Group starts).

Can I Create My Own Mini Group?

Sure can! Just get a group of between 6-10 dancers together, and let us know. The group can choose what to work on. 

Come and speak to Mish or Roslyn at the front desk, and we will book it for you and your group. Or email us at [email protected]