Practise Videos for improving your Swing and Rock ‘N Roll


Please Note the relevant arm positions in this video for Swing and Rock ‘n roll in the video below are; 

  • Hammerlock 
  • Sweetheart 

Here is a little video to help you practise your Heel Toe Swivels in rock ‘n roll. 

When anyone mentions salsa we think ‘hips’ but don’t be fooled! Hip movement is a big part of swing style dancing, particularly East Coast style swing such as what we teach here at QuickSteps. The video bleow is designed to take you through how the hips in swing work and to help you follow along. Over to you Caitlin! 

***(And if you enjoyed that and would like to keep working on your hip action for other styles of dance head here) There is also a video with Jam on this page that will demonstrate some swivels that you can use in your rock n roll and swing. 

Now lets look at some tips for getting your weight placement correct on that Back Rock action. Here’s Jam. 

Now it’s time to perfect that body position in rock n roll and swing.