Salsa Arm Movements in Beginner 2 and beyond


When many people think salsa they think ‘hips’ and whilst this is a fun anf funky part of the world’s most famous Latin dance we would argue that arms are just as important! 

Arm movements can make a or break step in terms of leading and following and the overall look and feel of the step pattern as well. 

We’ve compiled a few handy videos with information and arm movement options for you to practice at home. 

Let’s Start at the Beginning…

It’s important to first know the ‘lingo’ and know what the various arm positions are. Here are the most common ones. 

Now for some styling options for the famous ‘arm flick’ or ‘hand flick’ to be used in both your salsa and bachata. 

The Leader’s Left Turn in salsa is full of different arm styling options that can give you variety without having to learn any new footwork. You’re welcome 🙂