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Salsa Level Three

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You’re feeling pretty comfortable at Salsa already. But now it’s time to take it to the next level. Are you ready? Sign up to this fun Experience Series and watch your Salsa go from good to great!

Lesson 1 – Weds 13.1.16 – Them’s the Breaks

  • Learn the Open Break and Separation Break

  • Learn the Open Break and Separation Break

  • How to lead the difference and what to look for as a follower

  • Arm Styling options for men and women

  • Why do we use breaks and how can we make sure we get them just right?

Lesson 2 – Weds 20.1.16 – Push Spin

  • Add the fabulous Push Spin to your repitoire’!

  • Lead it with confidence and follow it with style

  • Styling options for men and women will be explored

  • Add the Push Spin and the breaks into your freestyle and practise to music

Lesson 3 – Weds 27.1.16 – Technique Freak

  • Excercises and drills will be introduced to improve your salsa technique at home or at the studio

  • Work on your perfect ‘washing machine’ hip action and apply it to steps you already know

  • Footwork in salsa explored

  • Inside Turns will be explored and perfected for the ladies

  • Men will look at how to properly lead inside turns during salsa

Lesson 4 – Weds 3.2.16 – Inside Turns applied

  • Add Inside Turns to Walk Through

  • Add Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn

  • Practise all steps from the last 4 weeks together in a sequence to music

  • Re-apply technique to all material covered

Lesson 5 – Weds 10.2.16 – Shoulder Check

  • Add Shoulder Check to your repitoire’

  • Look at ladies arm styling and the right arm tension for the perfect lead/follow

  • Revise Inside Turn variations from previous week

Lesson 6 – Weds 17.2.16 – ‘Practice’ makes perfect!

  • Practise all steps again and put them to music

  • ‘Tech’ drills’

  • Learn Shines to add to your freestyle and to help warm up before dancing

Lesson 7 – Weds 24.2.16 – Technique and Shine

  • Recap and add to salsa Shines for fitness and perfection of technique

  • Revise over ‘Tech drills’

  • Re-visit ‘washing machine’ hips

Lesson 8 – Weds 2.3.16 – Spiral and Back Pass

  • Add Spiral to your repitoire’

  • Add Back Pass to repitoire’

  • Look at the correct lead and follow for each step and apply

  • Add technique

  • Freestyle to music

Lesson 9 – Weds 9.3.16 – ‘Practice’ Makes Perfect and Question Time

  • Ask questions about all that you have learnt over the last 9 weeks

  • Practise every step to music

  • Revisit and recap salsa shines to music

Lesson 10 – Weds 16.3.16 – Private Dance party

  • This is the best part of the whole experience- putting everything you have been working on into practise! The music plays, we dance and enjoy a relaxed mingle and a cheeky drink to celebrate our achievements!

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