Saturday Sessions At QuickSteps Dance Club Studio

Fra and Nages do dip

QuickSteps Saturday Sessions 

Saturdays at QuickSteps Adelaide aren’t what they used to be! They’ve changed for the bigger and better with live acoustic music and teachers to dance with. 

andy and gabby

So why did we start Saturday Sessions?

As an adult dance studio with a strong social focus we are always on the lookout for opportunities we can give our members to dance and mingle. With Saturday afternoons being a quieter time slot we thought it was time to brains storm… 

Given the success of ‘Dance With Me Fridays’ we wanted something along a similar vein; relaxed social dancing, open and welcoming for all levels of dance with teachers avaialble to sweep members off their feet. 

But of course it can’t be exactly the same… this is where the idea for live music came in. 

The Talent 


Israel Amoy, one of our resident perfromers. 

Kym singer

Kym Miaco kicked us off for the first two weeks with her absolutely angelic vocals. 

So we picked the 2:15pm time slot when most of our teachering team were free and started calling around local artists that fit the bill. 

As with any new event week 1 and 2 were fairly quiet with each member basically having a teacher all to themselves for every dance! Lucky duckies… 

Kevin is dancing with Sue
Andy having a dance lesson
Fra and Hannah at Sat Sesh

By week 3 though word has started to get around and the crowds have started to come. 

Sat Session Dance Floor

Israel Amoy played a range of upbeat styles, his music lending itself easily to rumbas, slow salsas and rock ‘n rolls. We even had a Foxtrot or two which was a bit of a treat! 

For members attending Saturday Sessions regularly and considering moving their private dance lesson to a Saturday to line up on the same day, please confirm with us in the next couple of weeks. Spots are obviously limited as we only have so many teachers to go round so it will be a first in best dressed situation. We will do our best though! 🙂 

Want to practise before coming along next Saturday? Don’t forget to check in on your QS Dance Lessons online. We recommend brushing up on your rumba steps, salsa steps and rock n roll steps for this particular event. 

See you next Saturday on the Dance Floor!