Waltz Technique Videos

Waltz Technique Videos

Waltz Technique Videos

Let’s start with the Streamline

When we use the term ‘Streamline we are referring to a continuous forward or backward movement where the ‘rise and fall’ technique is maintained. 

This video will explain Streamline in more detail and give you a chance to dance along for pratice. 

The Streamline technique is specifically used in Ballroom styles but not in Latin or Swing. Not sure about the difference between the style? Read more here. 

Forward Streamline in Waltz

Backward Streamline in Waltz

Basic Twinkle Technique for Followers

Twinkles are a favourite step pattern for many ballroom dancers. So lets make sure we are getting them right! 

Here is a video for the followers to help you perfect some of your basic Twinkle technique. These are best practised on your own.


Basic Twinkle Technique for Leaders

And when you put all of your Watz technique together what do you get?

Something like this… 

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