What Does Latin Dancing Look Like?

What Does Latin Dancing Look Like? 

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Latin Dance generally refers to a group of (mainly) partner style dances that originated in Latin America but have now been adopted and loved all over the world! 

At QuickSteps we teach the following dances in this Latin category; 

  • Salsa 
  • Bachata 
  • Merenegue
  • Rumba
  • Cha Cha 
  • Samba

The best way to understand them is to see them for yourself. In some of these videos the dancers are freestyling and some of them are choreogrpahed routines where they both know which ste goes where. 

**Freestyling means that they don’t go in with any set plans they just dance along to the music using step patterns that they have learnt previously. The leader is using hand signals and body movements to indicate to the follower what to dance next. 




Cha Cha 

Traditiona cuban cha cha cha. 

Modern Day Cha Cha or ‘ballroom’ style cha cha


American/social Style- This is the style we teach here at QuickSteps. It’s great for general pop music at slow, medium or fast pace. 

International style- This is the style that is typically danced at a competative level. Some of these sorts of moves are used in American/social style rumba at the higher levels and in showcase routines such as at QuickSteps Summer and Winter Balls (or what other studios might call a ‘showcase’). 


There are two types of samba; solo and partnered. 

When you think solo samba think feathers, tassels and lots booty shaking! 

Partnered Samba is what we teach here at QuickSteps at an advanced level of dancing. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘latin waltz’ as it is a Latin dance with the beautiful hip movement and music to match, yet, it travels and flows around the room like a waltz does. Best of both worlds!