Good News – Covid-19 Easing Restrictions Update for QuickSteps

Good News – Covid-19 Easing Restrictions Update for QuickSteps

Dear QuickSteppers,


Good news! Because the state government has brought forward the date at which QuickSteps can open we will be opening on Friday June the 5th.  We intend to operate, as much as possible, both online and in-studio, and so we’ll have a few changes you’ll notice that we wanted to share with you.


Entry and Exit

We will be using the front door for entry to the studio, and the back door for exiting the studio.  This ‘people flow’ measure has been recommended by SafeWork Australia.


Staying safe

Please do not attend the studio if you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms; stay home and get tested.



During these restrctions the studio won’t be available for practice outside of attending the studio for groups and private lessons.


The QuickSteps Cafe & Bar

You’ll still be welcomed by Nick and Abbey as you arrive at the QuickSteps studio.

We are currently restricted to having 19 members in the cafe area and no one can be seated at the bar.

To ensure we have a maximum of 19 people in the cafe area, we ask that members having private or group lessons arrive a maximum 40 mins prior to their lesson and leave immediately after their lesson by the back exit.


Private Lessons

In studio private lessons will return to normal. 

Members who’d still like to have their private classes online in a Zoom Room will still be able to do so in the same way as we’ve been doing. Make sure you let your teacher know that when you confirm your lesson.  Join via your QS Diary.


Group Classes – In Person from the 7th of June

Note: The current 4-week Experience Series ending on the 6th of June will continue on Zoom; it will not be conducted in person (this only applies to the groups on the 5th and 6th of June). 


Update for Online: To attend online, the Zoom Link will appear in your QS Diary without you needing to enrol. The class will be more of a ‘live stream’. So if you’re joining online, just join through the invite without enrolling 🙂


On Sunday the 7th of June, there will be a mini-schedule two weeks of classes. We will also endeavour for these group classes to also be streamed online. Following this, on the 21st of June, we intend to return to our usual 6-week Experience Series. 

There is currently a maximum of 10 people allowed in the class. Couples who live together may dance together. Others must socially distance, with only ‘accidental contact’ permitted. We expect this restriction to be temporary. 

Because there is a limit of 10 people per group class, please consider others in the community by only booking into a group class that you are able to attend. Every member who has booked into a class, but not attended will be contacted by SMS. If you arrive late for a class or you are aware that the teacher has not marked you as attending, please approach the teacher to do your attendance. 


If you are not enrolled we will not be able to admit you into the class, and unfortunately at the moment there are no exceptions to this. Because of the severely reduced numbers, we know some people will miss out, we’ve done our best to offer as many groups as possible and we look forward to being allowed higher numbers again soon.


If for some reason you get a ‘Why weren’t you here?’ SMS by mistake, please excuse us. We’re simply trying to ensure the most number of members can enjoy group classes during this period. 


Financial Hardship

It is important to us that every member of the QuickSteps community is able to continue to be part of the community even if they are experiencing temporary financial hardship. If you have lost your job or are experiencing any significant issue of this sort, please get in touch with us to discuss what QuickSteps can do for your situation.


Your membership

Here is the timeline of membership changes.  Please make sure you read and understand where you fall and if you have any questions or relevant information for us get in touch as soon as you can.



Regardless of these three categories there are two things to consider:


If you need to be on pause, or need consideration for any other situation we haven’t accounted for, please make getting in touch with us a priority, so we can support you.  [email protected] or reply to any of the studio’s text messages.  Or you can call Ben, Michelle, or Seb if you would prefer to chat.  


Please accept our apologies in advance if there are any issues with your membership. Covid-19 has pushed our systems and people to the limit!  We have never had to process so many change requests in a short period and the process is quite manual. Rest assured that if we make a mistake, get in touch, and we will sort it out as quickly as possible.



Please be understanding of any delayed communication during this period. Sebastien and Michelle are having their first baby at around the same time as the studio is opening, so we do not have as many hands on decks as we normally do. If you are concerned, we appreciate you for getting in touch again.  If you’ve emailed, try a text message or a call; varying the method can be helpful.


e. [email protected]

p. 81213399

text. reply to your lesson reminder


What’s Next?

This is QuickSteps plan at the moment. As we have seen, rules and regulations change frequently with little advance notice, so we will thank you in advance for your ongoing patience and understanding that you have all shown for the last two months.


Ciao for now!


Studio Manager

The QuickSteps Team

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