September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

When: Saturday 14th September 2024

Where: QuickSteps Dance Studio, 255 Gouger St

Who: Open to all levels, compete with a teacher or with each other.

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FAQ’s and Price List

How do I enter the competition?

Fill in the application form online here

If you have any questions, speak with any of the QuickSteps Team.

Do I have to have private lessons to compete?

If you’re competing with a teacher we require you to have at least six private lessons.

If you’re competing with another member we require that you have minimum two lessons to

ensure that you’re able to work well as a partnership and to make sure that the material that you’re dancing is within the competition guidelines & rules.

If you are not currently taking private lessons feel free to approach your teacher, or speak with Rhys or Michelle and can help to find a suitable teacher for you.

What are the costs involved?

Single members dancing with their teacher

Challenge Entry Fee $50
Heat Fee $20 per heat

Couples dancing together
Challenge Entry Fee $50 per couple
Heat Fee $20 per heat

Competitors do not need to purchase a $15 ticket to the event, the $15 spectator ticket is just for friends, family and non- competitors.

How do I pay?

Make your payments through your My Diary.

Direct link Here

Or pay at the front desk.

Can I compete if I am a beginner?

Certainly, in fact, we encourage it! There will be separate heats for Level 1, 2, 3 and Specialist/level 4.

Can I bring a friend or family member to watch?

Yes! We’d love for them to come along. You can purchase a spectator ticket for $15

Competitors do not need to purchase a $15 ticket to the event.

Will the bar be open?

It absolutely will be!

What do I wear to the competition?

You will not be judged on your outfit, only on your dancing however, to get into the spirit of the competition it’s always nice to put on a longer dress for ballroom, shorter dress for latin or a shirt and pants (jacket optional). The better you feel, the better you dance 😉

What is the cut off for enrolling into the comp?

You will have until Weds 14th August to submit your entry forms. However we recommend you do it WAY before that so that you have lots of time to practise and prepare! Remember, a big part of the benefit of the Challenge is using it over time as a goal and way to improve your dancing.

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

What does the competition look like on the night?

The competition will start at 4:45pm and go for around two hours. There will be a brief welcome at the beginning and then we’ll get straight into the Latin heats, after a short awards ceremony there will be time for social dancing before we move onto the Ballroom heats, the Ballroom awards ceremony, we’ll finish the night with social dancing and drinks. There will also be professional performances on the night so don’t miss those!

How long will the music go for?

The music will go for 1.5 minutes in each heat and we will provide a playlist of music which we will be used on the night so you can practise. You wont know exactly which song you will be dancing too but it will be one song from the list provided a few weeks beforehand.

Who will be judging the competition?

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

We’ll have three external judges who all have a background in social Latin & Ballroom dancing.

What will I be judged on?

Please refer to the “Spirit of Competition” document with all rules and competition guidelines

Can I come along and watch?

Sure can! Even if you don’t feel like competing this time round, we know you’ll love the atmosphere, dancing and interaction on the night. $15 spectator tickets available at the front desk and online.

The Spirit of Competition

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

A guide for how to behave and what to expect at the QS Dance Challenge

Big News! QuickSteps is introducing a fun, friendly, in- house competition; the QuickSteps Dance ChallengeIt’s important to us here at QS that these events are; Fun, Friendly and Fair
How are we going to run a competition that remains fun, friendly and fair? With the help of the QS community of course! We ask you to;

  • Be vocal, enthusiastic and supportive when others are dancing
  • Be complementary of each other, no negative comments or remarks
  • Trust that we, as a team/judging panel, are doing our absolute best to run a competition that is fair and in accordance with the outlined rules
  • Accept the judges decision with grace and poise
  • Have fun and enjoy the process!
  • Be kind to our teachers. They all work hard, care about you and are doing their very best to help you improve and succeed- regardless of your result on the night.
  • Be a good sport all round. Enter in what is fair for your level of dancing and play by the rules


One of the most common questions we get is ‘what do I wear!?”

We recommend that you get a little fancy so you can feel good on the night but please note that you will not be judged on your outfit. If you would like to go ‘all out’ go for it! But please know that the judges will not be adding points for glitz and glamor.

Here are some examples of what participants might choose to wear on the night.

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

A solid colour top in a flowy material and a black flowey skirt or pants is a great option. You’ll match your teacher easily and be able to move well. Also, staying super comfortable!

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

A bright top and a flowy skirt are also a good option.

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

Flowy dresses in a solid colour are a great option for both ballroom and latin.

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

Wanna wear that tux that’s sitting in your closet? Fabulous idea!

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

Maybe shirt and pants are more your style? Fab! Especially for latin! It brings that chill vibe.

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

Here the leader is wearing a shirt and waistcoat. The layering is a great idea! Gives you thast classy edge but can also be stripped back if you get too hot from all that dancing! The follower is wearing a black top and neat black pants- great choice if you are not into skirts and dresses. Neat and lovely!

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

Tassels are always fun! They emphasize your movement. You wont want to stop shimmy-ing in a dress like this!

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

Neat black slacks with a pretty top in an eye catching colour= always a winner! And you can move freely and easily!

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

What about a long dress in a bold fabric to catch the judges attention?!

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

If you feel like getting into the glitz and glam you can go all out with a ball gown or latin outfit with frills, rhinestones, bells, whistles and the works!

As you can see there’s a huge range of outfits on display. It’s about wearing something you are comfortable in, that feels good, you can dance well in and have fun!

Dancing Syllabus Material

Judges want to see participants dancing step patterns;-from the QS syllabus -from the appropriate level (Spec. level excluded- see below)

Whilst you will not be eliminated for dancing steps outside of our specific syllabus we ask you to please refrain from doing so. This would not be fair on other competitors at that level. You also won’t be judged on steps you do above the level you’re dancing in, so you would be missing out on the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to the judges.

Specialist Competitors/ ‘Level 4’

***Note: Specialist does not have a syllabus for any dances outside of Viennese Waltz, Q.Step and Samba.

For the sake of the Dance Challenge Waltz Salsa your Level will be labeled Level 4.

Use this as an opportunity to learn something new with a teacher to push yourself in the Specialist category!

When competing at the Specialist Level/Level 4 we recommend you use a combination of Level 3 material PLUS any other American Social material you and your teacher would like! Think of it as an ‘open category’. Jump on Youtube and make all your step pattern dreams come true! Note: Not lifts allowed.

What we are NOT looking at (pssst mistakes don’t count)

As this is a fun, friendly comp the judges will be giving you some leeway. They will not see your mistakes. They are only looking for things people are doing right. This means you could forget all of your moves, trip over your partner and fall on your bottom, get up and do a box step and the only thing the judges will mark you on is the box step.

What we ARE looking at;

Timing; ​

Starting on time, remaining on time


Correct Technique used, Technique is comfortable, Technique is consistent


Arm styling, dancing with the feel of the song (character/energy), head movements (for Level 3 and Specialist)

Points: We will be marking each category out of 5 to get a total out of 15 for each participant.

Competing in the level that is the best fit for you.

We ask that you enter and participate in the level that you honestly think will be the best fit for you after discussing this with your teacher (or if you are a Groupie chat with a teacher that knows your dancing). You may compete ‘up’ a level but not ‘down’.

Example: A Level 2 member can compete in Level 2 or Level 3 but not in the Level 1 category as that would not be in the ‘spirit of competition’.

Think about the other members you will be dancing alongside and make sure it is a fair comp for all.

***Still unsure of what to enter into? Your teacher is the best person to guide you and fill in your entry form, speak to them.

Will I be dancing a ‘routine’ with my teacher during the comp?

Yes, you will be dancing a loose routine. In the private lessons leading up to the Dance Challenge Waltz Salsa you will practice;

  • entering the floor appropriately
  • starting with the music
  • dancing the appropriate material for your level in appropriate combinations
  • perfecting the step patterns within your routine

exiting the floor

September Dance Challenge: Tango & Cha Cha

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