Latin Social Tuesdays at Wakanda Place (cancelled)

Latin Social Tuesdays

Run by Jonathan and Wendy, the team behnd Mambo City, Latin Social Tuesdays is really taking off and is looking like becoming one of the bigger Latin night on the weekly calendar. 

The Venue: Down the West Terrace end of Hindley St you’ll find Wakanda Place. A small and unassuming little bar with plenty going on inside! 

There are as many people up dancing as there are sitting at the bar and around the tables, chatting and enjoying a cocktail. 

This is Wendy and Jonathan. Make sure you ask them for a dance. They’re very friendly and love to boogie. 🙂 

The music: Dj Jonathan blends together his mix of Salsa and Bachata in equal measure to keep every Latino (and Latino at heart) happy and dancing! 

The Price: Entry is $10 at the door

Looking for more opportunities to dance salsa, bachata, cha cha and other Latin styles? Check out this blog for a full list of regular Latin Dance nights. 

This blog is updated regularly and gives you a list of all upcoming social dance events including Latin, Swing and Ballroom.

If you’re thinking ‘I’d love to join in but I don’t know how to dance yet’ then there’s no better time to start. Salsa and Bachata are in our ‘Foundations 1’ category which means they are easy to learn and can be danced on day 1! 

Why not try it yourself? Here’s the Bachata basic step for you to try. 

Or maybe try some salsa? Basic steps is below

You can learn them through private lessons or group classes (a combination of both is the best way to go).