QuickSteps Studio Future Steps

QuickSteps Studio Future Steps

Next Steps at QuickSteps

At QuickSteps we’ve always embraced change, feedback, and new ways of doing things.  This year has helped us look at the way we do a lot of things, and coming out of a particularly challenging period we’re quietly ambitious in continually growing and improving our dance studio.

As we look to the next year, you can expect to see the following changes:

  • More teachers, hopefully including some from overseas. 
  • A revamped syllabus at every level that will (among other things) enable us to better service members who have been with us for several years
  • Potentially a new studio (super exciting!)

To help with these changes, we’re changing some of the team structure.  The most obvious of these will be a change to the Studio Manager role.

QuickSteps Studio Future Steps

Our Studio Manger Ben has been in the role for around 2.5 years and he’s been instrumental in many positive changes around the studio.  Ben is going to be moving to focus entirely on operations, processes, and a number of other projects which we feel are vital to support the studio into its next phase.

QuickSteps Studio Future Steps

It follows then that with Ben doing other things, we’re happy that Kristina is going to take over the Studio Manager role, while continuing to do an amazing job in the Community Adviser role!  This blended role is an exciting opportunity that we’re keen to explore.

Ben, Kristina, and I put together a short video:

The changeover takes effect this coming Sunday the 11th of October.  You’ll still see Ben in and around the studio, but for all studio manager enquiries please speak with Kristina or email

[email protected]

This includes for the Next Steps at QuickSteps

  • Program changes (upgrades/downgrades/pauses)
  • Teacher change requests
  • Studio Feedback
QuickSteps Studio Future Steps

I want to congratulate both Ben and Kristina on their excellent work. All they have done for QuickSteps over the last few years.  I look forward to each of them excelling in their new roles!

Once again, thank you to all our members for all of your support. Special thanks to loyal members for supporting us during Covid shutdown by maintaining their memberships. Grateful for you!