QuickSteps Music Playlists for Ballroom, Latin, Rock ‘n Roll & Swing!

WOW!  What a huge topic!  (Updated 7th October 2019 – Ben)

Below you will find embedded Spotify playlists for all our dance styles at the studio!  

  1. A ‘straight up’ playlist for each style which tries to have about a dozen songs which have good even tempo, clear beat, and are a great go-to when you’re learning or practicing that style.
  2. An ‘all songs’ playlist for each style.  This is where things can get funky!  The whole team are free to add to these lists and so you can get all sorts of timing – fast, slow, varied tempo.  You can also get all sorts of music types – traditional, modern, edgy, safe.  So these are provided with a bit of a disclaimer!  If you have any suggestions please get in touch

At QuickSteps we put a lot of effort into showing you that you can dance to all different types of music.  You can dance Salsa, Rock ‘n Roll, Rumba to lots of different songs and music genres, and much of it is the stuff bands play, or is on the radio Top 100.  You will also find more traditional music out there for those styles.  Bottom line for us; music is important to dance, if you love the song and it makes you want to dance, then it’s alright by us!  Enjoy your dancing and have fun with these playlists.

QuickSteps Music Playlists for Ballroom, Latin, Rock ‘n Roll & Swing!



Rock ‘n Roll





Cha Cha




Viennese Waltz


Argentine Tango

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Our playlists update all the time, so bookmark it and come back whenever you like.  Also if you have a Spotify account give the playlist a follow so you can always find it!