Double Handed Turn & Walks Back

Lets start this pattern with the Triple Turn from Beginner salsa. This gets our hands into the correct hand hold for the rest of the move.

We then turn the follower one more time, notice that this will naturally change your hand position from the leaders right hand on top to the leaders left hand on top? This is very important for the rest of the move! If you find that you are getting your arms tangled, this will most likely be the problem.

From here we move into an Open Break that we have learnt earlier in Intermediate salsa. Leaders make sure you place your weight heavily on to your left foot at the end of the Open Break on 1,2,3 (there is no ‘faking’ here!).

Walk back together in a Sweetheart position with leaders starting to rotate slightly towards their right shoulder on step ‘7’. By opening up slightly this will make it easier to lead your partner into their signature little side step that makes this step unique.

Building blocks: This step pattern is great just as it is but when learnt correctly will also form the building blocks for the advanced salsa move The Titanic To Lady’s Grapevine.