Hammerlock to Narrow Corridor

Hammerlock to Narrow Corridor

We begin this move with a salsa basic moving into the Hammerlock Position with our arms.

Not sure what a ‘Hamerlock position’ is? Here’s a video on many of the arm and body positions used in ballroom and Latin dancing that will help.



You may recognise this arm position from our rumba in the Half Wrap and rock n roll in the Hammerlock.

Once we are in this Hammerlock position we can then complete our Narrow Corridor as seen in Beginner 2 salsa.

Tip: (Leaders) If you are dancing in a crowded salsa club (such as Casablabla on a Wednesday night) and you get cut off don’t panic! You can encourage the follower to continue with the basic salsa step pattern in place in the Hammerlock arm position until the coast is clear. Do this by holding your arms firm in the Hammerlock and continuing the basic step with them, side by side.

As soon as the surrounding salsa dancers have moved away you can then continue leading your follower into the Narrow Corridor exit.