Shoulder Check

If you’ve been having dance lessons at another salsa school in Adelaide you may have learnt this step as the ‘Enchufla’. At QuickSteps we refer to it as the ‘Shoulder Check’ because the man is stopping the ladies body rotation through the shoulder causing her to ‘check’ on the spot. But as they say ‘tomay-to, Tomah-to’. 🙂

Tip: Followers need to keep their salsa steps particularly small here to ensure they do not get too far away from their leaders!

You will notice that this step is beginning and ending with the Open Break learnt previously.

Followers can really have some fun with the arm styling here so get creative. If you are feeling unsure about where to start with arm styling you are not alone! I can highly recommend Jam’s Ladies Styling class on Saturdays at 12:45pm. See you there!