Titanic to Lady’s Grapevine

Many salsa dancers will claim this is their favourite member of the Titanic family. Everyone loves a Grapevine every now and then. Who said they were only for Foxtrot?!

Followers: Keep a strong connection with your partner by having some structure and rigidity in your arms once you reach the ‘Titanic’ position. There are multiple variations of this step such as the Titanic and the Titanic to Barrel Roll so you need to be ready for anything!

Once you have completed your Grapevine element you will go into exactly the same pattern as at the end of the Double Handed Turn to Walk Backs. Ta da!

Fun Fact: A Grapevine action is often used in line dancing, boot scootin’ and aerobics. It is where we move to the side with one foot crossing behind or in front of the other (alternate and repeat). Generally counted as a ‘side, infront, side, behind, side infront’ etc.