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Tango is the most iconic of the ballroom styles. It's dramatic, stylish and passionate. Tango can improve mental cognition, physical and mental health and boost your confidence on and off the dance floor 

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Can I take Tango classes as a beginner? 

Certainly! There are two types of tango: Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango. 

Ballroom Tango is made up of very simple step patterns to start with. Walk forward, backwards and on the side. Your steps will be large-ish walking steps and the timing is consistent and generally easy to hear. We suggest that once you have mastered ballroom tango and feel completely comfortable with it, you then look at learning Argentine Tango. Argentine Tango is more difficult due to its intricate foot and leg movements and the connection needed to communicate timing changes. Unlike most other styles of dance there is no set Argentine Tango timing pattern. Instead the leader is tasked with dancing in time with the music as he interprets it and subtly communicate this to his partner. 

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The Benefits of tango dancing


Health and Fitness

Mental Health. Any form of dancing is excellent for improving mental health. Each week you are committing to take time out for yourself, away from everyday stresses, to do something you enjoy. It's social and physical all rolled in to one! 


Wow the crowd and dance up a storm! 

What a skill to have! Next time you are on a cruise ship and a tango comes on, don't stop dancing and head to the bar! Sweep someone off their feet with a tango! A holiday in Argentina is on many people's bucket list, and for good reason. Heading to this romantic destination is half the fun if you haven't learnt to tango ahead of time. There are 'Milongas' held all over Buenos Aries 7 days a week where locals dance in halls, dance clubs and in the streets. Learn to tango and join the locals!

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It actually doesn't take two to tango

We're always asked this - 'Do I need a partner to learn tango?'. The answer: No! 60% of our members come without a partner, and there's no need to 'find a partner' when you become a member either. 

During group classes members stand in two lines facing one another. One line is for leaders (generally men) and the opposite line is for the followers (generally women). The teacher will go over the step patterns for your tango many many times in slow motion until everyone is looking comfortable with it. They will then partner you up with the person across from you so you can all try it to the music. For solo dancers, you will then switch partners by moving along the row to the next person. For couples that don't want to change partners it's completely fine for you to stay together. We call this 'Couplesville'

During private lessons you will be dancing with your teacher and learning to bring all the drama and styling that tango deserves! 

How does lead and follow work? 

Lead and follow is the way that two tango dancers will communicate on the dance floor when they are 'freestyling' as opposed to dancing a choreographed routine. Freestyling refers to the art of dancing to music without a set pattern of steps, you're pretty much making it up as you go along. To be able to do this together dancers need to communicate through small body, arm and hand movements known as 'leads'. Once the leader has chosen the next step it is communicated to the follower who interprets that lead and executes the next pattern in time with the leader. We promise... it's easier then it sounds! 

Okay, lead the way!

How long will it take me to learn to tango? 

As with all things, it will take time, patience and practise... but anyone can learn! In 1-2 months (assuming you are attending 1 private class and 1 group class per week) you can use basic tango to travel around the social floor... but mastering tango will happen over many years. 

Ballroom tango should be feeling pretty comfortable within 6 months with the ability to dance around the floor in time with the music including multiple fancy step patterns and changes in direction.

After 1-2 years of Ballroom Tango you will be able to dance it without thinking. You will have good technique and styling and are ready to try Argentine Tango. 

How do I get started with tango classes here in Adelaide? 

Think about why you want to learn to dance Tango 

At the end of your lesson, your teacher will do a quick demonstration to show you what they are aiming for so that you can make sure you are happy with the direction you are taking.

From there you can book your lessons and start the ball rolling!

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One right foot, one left foot guarantee

We're confident in our teaching. If after the end of one year of dancing, you have not achieved the goals you set out at the beginning of the year, we'll refund you in full. 1 condition - you turn up to 80% of classes you book.

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