Kevin is always patient, encouraging and super observant

I am currently a student of Kevin and have been for the past 2 years. To me Kevin is a highly passionate, professional & highly dedicated teacher of dance. He is always patient, encouraging and super observant so I can improve and build on my dancing technique and extend myself to advance and achieve my personal dancing goals. He shares in my success as I have progressed . He has been teaching me many styles of dance, bachata, salsa, Rumba, the tango, cha-cha & rock ‘n’ roll. He is led by what styles I want to focus on and builds on my dancing ability. I am confident when I dance and am also recently part of a salsa performance team for Quicksteps which has been so rewarding not to mention the friendships I have built with fellow dancers from quicksteps. Many thanks to you Kevin for continuing to be an awesome dedicated teacher, Yours truly, Lucy Bonifazio

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