With the Lot!

With the Lot!

‘With The Lot!’ This advanced salsa move has that name for a reason… it’s a bit of everything stuck together! Let’s break it down.

A Catch to Hammerlock to begin with from intermediate 2 salsa.

Interesting Part here: Narrow Corridor exit from the Catch to Hammerlock but the leader must lead the follower into a double handed inside spin. This ensures the dancers hands are in the correct position to execute the Double Spin from the Cross body Lead to Touch & Go from advanced 1 slasa.

The next arm postion is new in our salsa with the followers left arm bent back behind her head.

Tip: Followers, be careful no to hit your leader in the face with your elbow!

Note: The leader is doing a lot of faking here. Jayson is simpy rocking his weight from one foot to another as Hannah performs her Soulder Check type movement infront of him.