Am I Ready for Specialist?

Am I Ready for Specialist?

Are you contemplating whether you’re prepared for specialized training or services? Dive into our blog as we unravel the considerations and insights to help you answer the question, “Am I Ready for Specialist?”

So you think you might be ready to head into Specialist? Great! Members are required to do a ‘progress check’ with a teacher to ensure they are ready for this particular level. You will need to be checked on Waltz, Foxtrot and either Cha Cha or Swing (your choice!).

These videos should help you to see what you need to be proficient at and feeling comfortable with to pass a Progress Check with ease.

Assessing Readiness for Foxtrot: Am I Ready for Specialist Instruction?

Understand CBMP and use it correctly in me dancing. In this video Antonela and Kevin demonstrate a Corkscrew in slow motion and pause at the end so you can see the twisting action of CBMP (Contra Body Movement Position)


You will need to be very comfortable dancing in Closed Dance Position with your diaphragms touching. You will notice that during this Triple Twinkle Antonela and Kevin’s right hand signs stay in contact.

Footwork like Heel Leads and Toe Release need to be second nature by the time you are in Specialist. You will have a lot of other things to think about in a Specialist class!!


Dancing your swing patterns with continuity.

You will need to be able to spin and keep your balance. A good way to test this skill is to spin and stop at the end before moving into a back rock. Kevin and Antonela will demonstrate this skill in the video below.

Using arm styling is a must! For both body shape and balance. In this video you can see that Kevin and Antonela are using their arms to dance as well, not just their feet and legs.

When we say ‘swing’ we are referring to the timing of the music that has a ‘swing’ beat to it but that’s not all…. Your hips should have a bit of a swing to them too! Check out Antonela and Kevin’s swingin’ hips in the video below! Also note the soft, flexed knees. 


You will need to be dancing your Waltz Level 3 confidently with continuity, smoothly flowing from one step pattern to the next. Kevin and Antonela will show you how.

You will need to be at a point where dancing with correct Rise and Fall technique is second nature. Antonela and Kevin are demonstrating this technique in a Passing Twinkle from Level 3.

Remember to keep those feet in contact with the floor at all times when you are Waltzing and use your Heel Leads and Toe Releases!

Dancing in Closed Dance Position (with your diaphragms touching) should feel comfortable. You will need this to be able to dance Viennese Waltz and Quickstep properly.

Am I Ready for Specialist – Cha Cha?

You need to be comfortable dancing your level 3 cha cha material with flow and continuity as Antonela and Kevin are here.


You will need to be comfortable using arm styling for body shaping and balance. 


You will need to spin and keep your balance and timing when dancing cha cha. A good way to test this and practise this skill is to spin and then stop in place. How is your balance?

Notice in the video below how Antonela and Kevin are using Ball Flat footwork throughout their cha cha basic and are using consistent hip movement? You will need to be doing this too.