Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide
Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide

What is Bachata dancing?

Unlike salsa, Bachata’s basic step pattern moves from side to side and incorporates a ‘tapping’ action at the end. The count you might use to stay in time with the music is ‘1, 2, 3, tap’. Of course, this is extremely simplified. Latin dance Bachata has an easy and accessible way to get started but can develop into many intricate foot movements, timing changes and is well known for its snake-like body movements.

We love Bachata so much that we have brought over Antonela and Emmanuel from Argentina to teach with us full time as our Bachata specialists in residence. Come and join the fun.

Here’s a video of some teachers dancing Bachata.

Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide

Bachata Lessons in Adelaide

Looking for Bachata lessons? You’re not alone! Bachata is currently the most popular and sought after style in the world.

QuickSteps is at the forefront of this new wave with a brand new syllabus:

  • Adelaide’s only weekly Bachata-only night
  • More beginner Bachata classes than any Adelaide studio
  • Regular Latin Parties drawing big crowds

Can I take Bachata dance Classes as a Beginner?

Bachata is a great beginner dance style. Many people start their dancing journey with Bachata, then later branch out to other Latin dance styles, such as Salsa, Cha Cha or Rumba.

Because of its popularity, we hold several Level 1 Bachata dance classes per week that anyone is welcome to join.

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn the Bachata Dance?

You can never ‘learn the Bachata’ to completion – it’s an evolving dance style. But how long will it take you to learn enough Bachata to be able to get out on the dance floor and Bachata socially? It depends on how much you practise, past experience and natural ability.  If do a private lesson as well as 2 group classes a week you could be confidently asking people to dance at a Bachata club within 6-8 weeks. How long would it take to become a smooth and stylish Bachata dancer? For most people the 6 month mark starts feeling pretty good. Again, it all comes down to practice!

Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide

Should I bring a partner to my Bachata Dance Lessons?

You can, but you certainly don’t need to. We have a unique system at QuickSteps where students have a choice whether they stay in a couple (suitable for couples) or move around the class (suitable for those coming solo).  To read more about how this works, check out our blog article all about this topic.

Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide

What music can I dance Bachata dance to?

One of the contributing factors to Bachata’s overwhelming popularity in the last couple of years is the avalanche of new Bachata music that has been released as well as the variety of sounds you can find within that music. There are Rnb style Bachatas, Techno Bachatas, traditional Bachatas and the ever popular Bachata remixes of pop songs such as Afterglow by Ed Sheeran, Easy On Me by Adele and That Way by The Backstreet Boys.

Role of Lead and Follow in Bachata Dance

Bachata, being one of our Latin ‘partner dance’ styles, needs a ‘lead’ and a ‘follow’.

This means that one dancer, the lead (traditionally a man, but these days, no one cares) decides which step patterns are executed at which time and uses their arms and body movements to communicate this to the follower.

The ‘follower’ (traditionally a lady, but these days, no one cares) uses their arms and body to give a small amount of resistance against the leader’s body in order to read how and when the leader is moving and what step patterns to do next in order to move in smooth unison with them.

It sounds complicated but it’s like learning to drive. Once you get the hang of it you will play your role without thinking about it consciously.

Why QuickSteps the Best Place to Learn Bachata Dance?


More group Classes

QuickSteps has the most number of Bachata group classes suitable for beginners anywhere in Adelaide. Enjoy your first class for free. Book in your first Bachata group class for free


More Social Events

Bachata Práctica is Adelaide’s only weekly Bachata social event. Starting 8:30pm-10:30pm every week, it’s where all Adelaide Bachateros come to practise their Bachata.

We also host monthly Salsa and Bachata events.


Interstate and International Artists

Bachata is an ever evolving dance style, so it’s important QuickSteppers keep up with the latest trends. Several times per year, QuickSteps hosts some of the world’s foremost Bachata dances for workshops and private lessons


Private Lessons

50% of QuickSteps members also take private lessons. With over 10 full time teachers ready to teach you a Bachata private lesson, you have an almost unlimited amount of expert knowledge to draw upon. If you’re seriously considering private lessons, you can book in a free private lesson.


Other dance Styles

The QuickSteps philosophy is that everyone benefits from having several dance styles being taught under one roof.
It’s more authentic this way – no dance styles evolved in isolation – all dance styles contain elements from other dance styles, so your Bachata dancing benefits from also learning other dance styles at the same time.

Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide

Bachata Dance classes at QuickSteps

You’ll master Bachata at QuickSteps in 4 ways:

  • Group Classes
    Teachers will teach 2 to 3 step patterns per class. Members generally change partners throughout the class. If you don’t want to swap partners, and stay with your partner, that’s cool too. Group classes are the best way to meet new people in the Bachata community.
  • Private lessons
    Around 50% of QuickSteps members take private lessons. Yes, they are more expensive (starting from $89 for members), but they can unlock your progress in a way that group classes simply don’t do. You might be doing someone small that is really holding you back, that only a dedicated teacher can pinpoint and solve for you.  We estimate 1 private lesson is equal to 5 group classes.

    If you’re interested…
  • Workshops 

    Workshops are held regularly here in Adelaide either with local, interstate or international teachers.

    They are long 1-2 hour classes held back to back over a couple of days. So much fun and brilliant for your dancing!

    Feel like traveling? There are also multiple opportunities to travel interstate for a dancing holiday to work on your Bachata such as the annual Level Up Festival in Brisbane run by Carlos and Chloe or Bailando in Sydney, or Adelaide’s only Bachata festival, Sensual Weekend held at QuickSteps

  • Practise Practise Practise
    The best way to excel at Bachata, or any dance, is to put more kilometers on the odometer!
    QuickSteps is the home of Adelaide’s only regular Bachata Práctica on Wednesday evenings.
    We also hold a big Salsa/Bachata Latin Dance Party every month with DJ Mutati.
    We also support other studio’s dance events, and encourage our members to dance at every opportunity around Adelaide.


Learn Bachata online

One Right Foot, One Left Foot Guarantee

We’re confident in our teaching. If after the end of one year of dancing, you have not achieved the goals you set out at the beginning of the year, we’ll refund you in full. 1 condition – you turn up to 80% of classes you book.
Bachata Dance Lessons In Adelaide