QuickSteps Membership Pricing

Want best value at Adelaide's largest dance community?

All memberships include unlimited group classes.

The difference between each membership is the number of private lessons 


$39 per week

No private lesson included

Floor Burner

$68 per week

1 private lesson per fortnight

Smooth Groover

$93 per week

1 private lesson per week

Die Hard

$167 per week

2 private lessons per week


$24.5 per week per person

No private lesson included

Floor Burner

$37 per week per person

1 private lesson per fortnight

Smooth Groover

$49.5 per week per person

1 private lesson per week

Die Hard

$89 per week per person

2 private lessons per week

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Casual Group Classes

1 group Class


1 Day Pass


1 Week Pass


10 Lessons Pack


20 Lessons Pack


6 Week Course


6 week unlimited pass


Casual Private Lessons

  • 3 people maximum per private lesson
  • Book up to 6 weeks in advance
  • Weekday evening home spots are held for members who commit to a year of dancing.

1 private lesson


4 private lessons

$420 ($105 per lesson)

12 Private lessons

$1140 ($95 per lesson)

Which program is best for me?


Our Groupie program is great for people on a budget who have the time availability to make the most of our group classes.

Because we have so many group classes, this might mean only coming in once a week and going to 2 or 3 different group classes. Or it might mean coming every day of the week! It’s your choice.

Floor Burner

A lot of people start off on our Floor Burner program to dip their toes into our dance community. Then work their way up to Smooth Groover (if they prefer private lessons), or sometimes down to Groupie because they love the social atmosphere of group classes and they’re looking to save a little bit of money.


Smooth Grover

47% of our members choose Smooth Groover making it by far the most popular. You get great value private lessons every week and for those who have time, the opportunity to drop into group classes.

It’s the most popular program because:
You just learn so so so much faster with private lessons!
Quite a few people are time-poor, cannot attend regular group dance classes, and see the value in private lessons
Couples, who make up 40% of our member body generally prioritise private lessons over group classes so they can spend time with their significant other.

Die Hard

Our Die Hard program is for people who really want to get stuck into their dancing. Once members decide that dance is a hobby they want to excel at, increasing the number of private lessons is a must.

More Information

  • No cancellation fees. No joining fees.
  • Cancel with no notice anytime during your first 6 weeks. After that cancel anytime with 2 weeks notice.
  • Dance programs are based on 52 weeks. To take into consideration annual leave of your dance teacher and studio closures, Die Hard programs have 92 lessons per year, Smooth Groover: 46 and Floor Burner: 23.
  • QuickSteps is closed for 3 weeks per year. 1 week in Winter, and 2 weeks over Christmas.