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Rock 'n Roll Classes in Adelaide

Rock n Roll Dance Lessons

Simple, fun and full of energy: rock ‘n roll is perfect for all ages and ability levels. Whether you’re 18 or 85 you’ll love the feel and versatility of this exciting style of dance. Beatles, Elvis, Van Morrison and Elton John are just some of the artists that will fill the air as you rock around the clock!

Private or group classes?

Rock ‘n Roll certainly is one of the easier dance styles to start with. For most people attending a private lesson each week and a group class alongside this for repetition they should have enough Rock ‘n Roll to go out and be confident after 4-6 weeks.

Private Lessons

  • Tailored dance program just for you
  • Relaxed environment (with a cafe/bar!)
  • 1-on-1 learning, no partner needed
  • 45 minutes long
  • Free trial lesson
  • Prices starting from $49 (learn more about pricing)

Group Classes

  • Fun way to practice and develop ‘muscle memory’
  • Meet other members
  • Meet other teachers and their unique way of teaching
  • No partner needed
  • Over 50 classes a week, many of them are Rock ‘n Roll
  • Class size 20-30 members

Free Dance Video Lessons!

Get into dancing using our free dance video lessons. But just like tennis, golf, footy… or any sport ever… face-to-face lessons from a dance teacher will get you the best results, fastest. Video lessons can’t replace all the benefits of having a private dance lesson, but there are many benefits of using it!

  • Find out what you will learn and how dancing Rock ‘n Roll looks like
  • Practice steps at home
  • You forgot a specific step? Not a problem!
  • Spend more time doing physical activities
  • Spend more time with your partner dancing

Lesson example: Rock ‘n Roll Basic step

Notice as well that the step sizes are quite small and being ‘underneath their bodies’ at all times. This will help rock ‘n roll dancers to keep up with the faster music that is common to this style of dance.

Practise it until you can do it without thinking. For example:

  • Infront of the TV
  • Doing the dishes
  • Hanging out the washing

One right foot, one left foot guarantee

We’re confident in our teaching. If after the end of one year of dancing, you have not achieved the goals you set out at the beginning of the year, we’ll refund you in full. 1 condition – you turn up to 80% of classes you book.

Rock n Roll Dance Lessons