QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

Each year QuickSteps hosts a dance inspired holiday to some exotic location around the world. We’ve been to Borneo, Phillippines, Papa New Guinea just to name a few. In July 2019 we headed over to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

This is the scenery from some of the rooms in our breathtaking resort… Alila Manggis… take me back! 🙂 

Why Do We Do These Dance Holidays?

  1. Why Not? Everyone needs a break and a bit of sun in the middle of winter!
  2. Dancing: Many members find that they do more social dancing on these holidays then they would normally do in months, therefore they come home feeling more confident and seeing marked improvements in their dancing. 
  3. New Friends! What better way for our members to really get to know each other than going on holiday together?! Members that have been on some of our other trips, such as the Quicksteps Cruise 2017, still catch up regularly. 
  4. Goals: Booking a dance holdiay with QuickSteps can give memnbers a goal. It’s reason to practise and improve ready to head off on the trip and dance the nights away with confidence… 

This is the special team of dance teachers that joined us on our Dance Holiday 2019. Jam, Charlene, Oleks, Romeo, Lark, Kriszia & E.O. 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

Here are just some of the highlights from our trip… 

The Cooking Class 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

Alila Manggis offers cooking classes with their executive chef.

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019George is cooking up a storm here! 

The day started with a walk and a tour through their organic garden to pick produce and herbs to be used in the class. 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019Charlene and Karen have aprons on and are ready to cook!

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019At the end of the class it was time to feast and enjoy the spoils! 


QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

Each morning at 10am we started the day with a couple of dance workshops.

As it was such a big group we offered both a Beginner/Intermediate class and an Intermediate/Advanced class. This way we had a little more space on the floor and members could choose the class that was suitable for them.

Some of the topics we covered in the workshops: 

  • Rumba – The Ryan Step
  • Rumba – Neutrals 
  • Souka with E.O. 
  • Salsa Continuity for Beginners 
  • Rumba – International Sliding Doors 
  • Viennese Timing with Mish 
  • Group Dances – Team Merengue, Team Progressive Jive 
  • Group Dinners and Dancing
QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019
QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

We don’t take things too seriously at QuickSteps. E.O. is having a laugh here with some of the members during his dance workshop. I’d love to know what’s going on here! 

The resort provided us with a second area for dancing and this allowed us to split the dance workshops in two. Perfect! 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019
QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

The Resort: Alilla Manggis 

This resort was stunning. See for yourselves! 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

The beach bar was open until 11pm each night… but if you smile nicely they stay open a bit later. 🙂 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019The restaurant was surrounded by lush vegetation, a moat, and views to die for. 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

The resort offered day tours and water activities. You can take a boat ride and watch the sunset. 

Private Dance Lessons All Day! 

Members were free to book in private dance lessons during the day and specify what they would like to work on. These were very popular. 

Whether you were beginner or advanced, these amazing teachers had something up their sleeve for everyone.

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019
QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019
QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

Dinner & Dancing Out & About

Each night we enjoyed a group dinner before dancing as much as our feet could stand! 

Candi Dasa is a small, beach-side town but there were enough venues to keep us dancing the whole trip. We will be back one day Candi Dasa! 

The Crazy Kangaroo

You & Me Bar

The New Queen’s Bar

Dinner at the Resort

Seb had arranged a special night at the resort with dinner and dancing under the stars. Just perfect… 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

Homeward Bound… 

All good things must come to an end… 

After nearly leaving Seb behind (funny story)… we all made it home in one piece. Exhausted and happy. 

We decided to sit and relax with a few glasses of wine in the airport and look how easy it was to spot those QS T-shirts in the crowd! 

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019

A huge thank you to everyone that came along! 

See you on the next trip! xo Mish & Seb

QuickSteps Goes To Bali 2019