Meet People and Dance in Adelaide

Meet People and Dance in Adelaide

How to meet people in 60 seconds? (Dance.)

Maybe you’re new in town, or perhaps this town hasn’t been giving you what you crave – action on (and off) the dance floor.

Dancing is an ice breaker, friendship maker and a life-changer – a meeting of hearts and feet. Meeting people through dance is fun and non-confronting. Everyone is there to dance, and everything else just flows like a sultry tango.


Would you like a drink?

We love seeing our members mingle and get to know each other so much that we have built a bar to help facilitate socialising between dance classes. That’s right, a fully liquor licensed bar/cafe for our members to enjoy.

You can walk into the studio any night of the week and be welcomed by the smell of freshly ground coffee, the sound of clinking glasses and the bubbly chatter of happy students!

Meet People and Dance in Adelaide

Movie nights and trips

We also organize movie nights, quiz nights, dinners, walks, trips, tickets to events and the theater. And, of course, our Winter and Summer Gala Balls – twice a year, everyone gets dressed up for the Summer and Winter Balls – highlights of Adelaide’s dance calendar.

And it’s not because we have to, it’s because we want to – it’s amazing how dance brings people together.

At QuickSteps, members get to know each other through the unlimited group classes, dance parties and practice sessions.

Meet People and Dance in Adelaide


This is how we meet people at QuickSteps

QuickSteppers: Jacqui & Rommel, Audra & Monica, Stella & David, Any & Josh, Ann & Jayson, Sheri & Adam

Event: QS Summer Ball 2017

Song: Rueda De Casino by Yuri Buenaventura

Info: This is one of the many group routines we have featured at our annual gala balls. These couples spent 6 months learning and perfecting this routine together. The rehearsals, late night practise sessions, costume sewing afternoons and dancing brought them together to become a strong bonded group. Many of them are still good friends now.

We guarantee – you’ll like people who dance!

It’s hard to pinpoint who is a typical QuickSteps member.

Some are coupled, some are single. Others leave their partners at home. Age ranges between 25 and 65. What’s consistent is a genuine friendliness (no cliques) and people who are all too happy to use dancing as a great excuse for a new hobby!

It’s always easier to strike up conversation when you have a common interest right from the start.