Dance At Social Events

Dance At Social Events

Learn about social dancing in Adelaide in 60 seconds

Any party or social event worth its salsa has one essential ingredient… dancing! It doesn’t matter if it’s a work do or a wedding – you know it’s in full swing, when the dance floor is swinging.

If only you enjoyed joining in. You feel awkward on the dance floor – self-conscious of your moves and lack of rhythm.

Well, guess what – you’ve got rhythm, you’ve got the moves, you just need a good dose of confidence and the right teacher to help you!

Where can I buy confidence?

We are your administers of confidence, your instructors in groove, your liberators of passion, your guides to expression and your partners in fun.

Whether you are single or a couple, we can turn your no chance into let’s dance.

Knowing that you have the ability to dance with any person in any social situation can give you a huge sense of satisfaction and ease during social events.

Example of social dancing at QuickSteps

QuickSteppers: Everyone!

Event: QS Winter Ball 2014

Song: Do Your Thing by Basement Jaxx

Info: This is one of the biggest social dance events on the calendar. The QuickSteps Winter Ball. You can see that it is a good blend of eating, mingling, live performance and, of course, social dancing!

We’re honest – it takes time

We won’t lie to you and guarantee you’ll be dancing in 10 days. It takes time.

The earlier you start, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the smoother you’ll look.

Some people can get away with 8-9 weeks of lessons but you’ll need at least 6-12 months to really see results and be one of those people who know how to dance.

In this time you will learn the basics of multiple dance styles, allowing you to dance to every song that is played.

It’s very different dancing at an event compared to the safe confines of your dance lessons and 12 months is enough time for you to have attended QuickSteps dance parties and our Summer and Winter Balls – which are, hands down, the best way to practise.

Dance At Social Events

Where can I show off?

Anywhere with a dance floor and a band or DJ.

Many of our QuickSteps members learn to dance in hotels and pubs on the weekends as well as at charity gala dinners, weddings, corporate events, Christmas parties, birthday parties, cruises and other overseas adventures. 

Once a month we take our members out dancing at a pub or Hotel as big group so they can out to practise all that they are learning. Click here to to find out more about one of our favourite haunts, The Union Hotel.