The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships

The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships

The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships


Discover the transformative power of dance in relationships with our insightful blog post, “Dance of Love: How Dance Classes Can Improve Your Relationship.”

I’m no marriage counselor… But I have seen many relationships improve, grow and flourish as couples enjoy the magic of partnered-dancing. This is why I believe that dance lessons are perfect for any couple looking for a new adventure.

Couples appear to be making a new commitment to intimacy, this may explain the leap in social ballroom and Latin dance over the last 5 years. It also seems to reflect people’s efforts to know their life partner better.

Our relationships are the most important part of our lives, and partner-dancing can reflect the key areas of a relationship that need to develop, improve and be nurtured in order to remain healthy. These areas include:

1. Communication

2. Connection

3. Contact

4. Co-operation

5. Romance

6. Fun through experiences

1. Communication

In the early 1970’s Albert Mehrabian conducted a study on communication. He was specifically looking at what percentage of our everyday communication was based on our words and how much was based on other factors such as body language and tone of voice. The results of the study showed that the words we use make up 7% of our communication whilst body language and tone of voice made up the other 93%.

The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships

Although popular opinion amongst professionals today is that this study was not 100% accurate in it’s findings they do agree that the percentage of body language and tone of voice would be high but perhaps not a whole 93%. Partner dancing is an excellent activity to explore non-verbal chat and become aware of subtle non-verbal communication.

Learning to talk and listen on the dance floor is a skill that is sure to enhance any relationship.

2. Connection and Contact

Connection and contact are essential parts of a rich and healthy relationship. Unfortunately much face-to-face communication is being lost to phones, tablets and computers. We spend so much time emailing, texting and hurriedly talking on the phone that true connection and contact can be overlooked. On the dance floor though it’s a very different story. We connect to our partners on the floor as we dip, weave and spin. This can make for an entire evening of rich one-on-one time. The lead-follow element of ballroom and Latin dance augments physical and mental connections as well as emotional.

The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships


It is proven that a hug, pat on the back or simply holding someone’s hand have a strong impact on our psyche. It can help us feel happiness and joy and it doesn’t matter if we are the one who touch someone or someone touches us. Basically, the more physical connection you have with others, the happier you’ll be. Or as we like to say, the more you dance, the happier you’ll be – simple as that!

3. Co-Operation

Co-Operation is the very first thing that couples learn when dancing together. Two people working together for the same result yet they are coming from two very different perspectives; a leading perspective and a following perspective.

Partner dancing is the ultimate display of teamwork.


The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships


4. Romance

Setting the mood for passion is an emotional, mental and physical journey and there is no journey quite like Ballroom and Latin dancing. Romance is an essential piece of the relationship puzzle. What better way to set the mood than an evening of fun, laughter and music with partners arm in arm and cheek to cheek!

Seduction is a dance, a luscious effusive, sensual, sexual, never-ceasing, sacred dance. I am man. You are woman. Talk to me. Tell me things.

Quote from The Alabaster Girl, Zan Perrion

5. Fun through new activities

I am so lucky to be able to spend my time watching people enjoy life together. Regardless of whether a couple has been dating for 30 days or 30 years there is always more to learn and experience with dancing. People are mysterious, fascinating creatures and partner dancing is an on-going, fun way to investigate each other’s intricacies as well as maintain a sense of wonder and grow together.

Ballroom and Latin dancing promotes and enhances the quality of contact between two people. It helps to nurture and improve relationships and most importantly, it is one of the most fun ways to do so.

Life is short. What are you waiting for?


The Dance of Love… How Dance Can Improve Relationships