Brittish Working Men’s Club Wingfield

The Brittish Working Men’s Club is a large function situated in Adelaide’s North Eastern suburb of Wingfiled. It is not the most high brow of establishements but if your are looking for a cheap night out with a low entry fee, live music and a cheap feed, look no further. 

You’ll find it here tucked away between Truck wholesalers and Crash Repairers in the middle of South Australia’s industrail pocket. 


Once inside you’ll find an expansive dance floor just waiting for the dancers to arrive! 

As your typical ‘community’ style cub the B.W.M.C is a bit dated inside but locals don’t go there for a polished night out. They go there to dance relax and enjoy the night with friends. Perfect! 


The regular live music and cheap entry fees (generally $8 for members and $12-$15 for non members) keep the crowds coming week after week as they have done for the last 50 years… 

Band playing rock n roll at the British Working Men's Club in Wingfield South Australia

Although there is occassionally some disco or pop music on the menu the playliust is heavily weighted towards the 50’s and 60’s rock n roll era with regular visist from Elvis impersonators and Beatles tributes. 

Theme nights are often on the cards including Abba nights and Halloween parties too. So be sure to check the B.W.M.C Facebook before you head down so you can dress correctly and be part of the action! 

Two ladies dressed as witches for halloween dancing rock n roll together at the British Working Mens Club in Wingfield

Tables and chairs surround the dance floor so you can rest your feet from time to time and enjoy well deserved a drink break! 

Chairs, tables and dancers at the British Working Men's Club, Wingfield

Regular Dance Nights

There are also semi-regular rock n roll dance nights on Wednesday at the club from 7:30pm until 10pm and entry is only $5! 

The next dates are: 

Weds 17th April 

Weds 24th April 

You can also get a cheap eat there between 6pm and 8pm. So you can fuel your dancing for only $13!