How Do I Choose My First Dance Song?

How Do I Choose My First Dance Song?

How Do I Choose My First Dance Song?

At QuickSteps we have been teaching wedding dances for a long time and we know that many couples struggle with choosing their special song. Here are some tips that should help. 

1. Don’t Stress

Take the pressure of yourselves. Try not to take other people’s opinions into consideration too much… this can make it impossible to choose anything and makes it a much bigger deal than it needs to be. Whatever you choose is up to you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it. After all ‘it’s your day!’ 

2. Make It Fun

How Do I Choose My First Dance Song?

It can be easy to feel like wedding planning is a chore… but let’s make it fun. Book a time on your ‘shared calendar’ to ‘pick our song’. 

  • Give yourself a couple of hours after work, sit down together, relax and catch up on your day
  • Get out your favourite bottle of wine and some cheese
  • Put Spotify or Pandora on and start browsing
  • Kick back and let the song come to you!
  • Keep a pen and paper handy and jot down the songs that have potential

3. Let Your Playlists Do The Work

Are there a few playlists that the two of you enjoy listening to together? The songs you put on when you’re both hanging at home or cooking together in the kitchen? Then start there.

Perhaps there’s a special song right under your nose that’s been your special song all along?

Or you can let the power of modern technology go to work for you. Go to one of your favourite playlists, right click a song you both love and select ‘start song radio’ (on Spotify). Spotify will then create and play through hundreds of songs that are similar in style and feel. 

How Do I Choose My First Dance Song?

4. What Has Been Used Before

Some couples just want a song that is easy to dance to, appropriate and well known. If that;s the case then you can pretty much google ‘wedding dance songs’ and simply choose from the list. 

Other couples want to avoid songs that have been used a lot. 

Either way here are a list of the most commonly used First Dance songs. Just so you know… 

  • Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
  • Michale Buble’ – Everything
  • Franki Valli and The Four Seasons- Can’t Take my Eyes off of You 
  • Jack Johnson- Better Together 
  • All Of Me- John Legend

Here is our list. We have been compiling first dance appropriate songs from different genres, eras and have then arranged them by dance style. 

5. Search the Web… 

There are so many lists out there of suggested wedding songs out there from quirky to punk to heavy metal! It just takes a bit of research. Get your pen and paper ready and get ‘surfing’. 

Try typing ‘First Dance Songs…’ and inserting a adjective at the end eg;

First Dance Songs Punk

First Dance Songs Unique

First Dance Songs Romantic

First Dance Songs Funky

First Dance Songs Reggae

Whatever takes your fancy really… get creative! 

How Do I Choose My First Dance Song?