Practise Videos for Latin Dances

Practise Videos for Latin Dances

Practise Videos for Latin Dances

We all know the old adage ‘practise makes perfect’ but practising on your own can be tricky. Allow me to give you some help. 

Here are some videos we have made here at QuickSteps Dance Studio with mini routines to help you pratise at home. These are line dance style routines designed to guide you through the basic elements of Latin dances incdluding cha cha, rumba, salsa and bachata at a beginner level. 

  1. Start slowly and build up the speed gradually as you feel more comfortable with the steps
  2. Don’t concern yourself with styling and technique to start with, learn the pattern first
  3. Once you are comfortable with the pattern and you can do it to music without following the video start layering your technique over the top
  4. Now you have the right technique the final layer will be stying, arms and attitude! 
  5.  Once you have the pattern learnt off by heart practise with the music you love!

Not sure what music to use? Try one of these lists for guidance and ideas: 

Michelle’s Spotify Playlist for Ballroom, Latin and Swing Dancing 

Kevin’s Spotify Playlist for Ballroom, Latin and Swing Dancing

Beginner Rumba 

Did you get stuck on some of these step patterns? Perfect them piece by piece here and then come back and try again 🙂 

Int 1 Cha Cha (beginner)

Did you get a bit tangled up with some of these cha cha moves? Practise the steps here and come back when you’re ready to have another go! 

Beginner Salsa 

How is your beginner salsa feeling? If it needs a bit of a touch up so that you can keep up with Jam head here to see the videos of each step again. 

Beginner Bachata 

How was that? If you need some extra help with your bachata; copy these step pattern videos and then come back to Jammy’s energetic video.