Private Lessons vs Group Classes


At QuickSteps we teach through a combination of private and group lessons. We are passionate about this combination, as it makes for the best learning experience.

Private lessons

private salsa lesson


During your private lessons your teacher will quickly see what type of learner you are. They can then personalise the way that leading, following, technique, timing and step patterns are taught. Your lessons will progress at a pace which is right for you and you’ll never be left stumbling around not knowing what you’re doing.

***Not to mention, dancing with the professionals is a alot of fun and a great workout! 

Group lessons

workshop members


Just because you get a teacher’s 100% attention at a private lesson doesn’t mean that you should not attend group dance classes as well. 

Group lessons can be considered a fun way to practice and develop that all important ‘muscle memory’. We do teach new step patterns in a group lesson but it’s the repetition that will allow you to feel comfortable with the dance getting you to a point where you are able to use your dancing out and about.

Group lessons are naturally a great way to get to know the other members aswell as creating being an opportunity to meet some of the other teachers at QuickSteps. Every teacher has a different way of teaching, and group lessons are a great opportunity to experience this.

Only Group lessons?

Some dance schools/studios around Australia teach through group lessons alone. This can work well for people with previous dance experience as they’ll find it easy to keep up with the teacher. However for those that are trying dancing for the first time if you cannot keep up with the large class, it can be very demotivating.

There are so many people out there that I know would love dancing, but because of one or two group lessons they attended where they simply didn’t get it, they gave up just too early!

Common Conversations at QuickSteps 

It is not uncommon for us to have these sort of conversations with new dance couples: 


“Hi, I’d like to find out about your classes for myself and my husband”

“Sure! have you danced before or are you beginners?” 

“Well, we have done a few classes and they haven’t gone well… my husband said he’ll try one last place so this is my last shot!” 

From here we book them in for an first free trial lesson (private class) which they both love and they decide to enrol. Fast forward a couple of years and they are attending group classes, privates and social dance nights and loving it! 

Fast forward a year or two and they are dancing a couple of times a week and both thoroughly enjoying themselves! 🙂 Success! 



We also have these sorts of conversations regularly with single dancers. 

“Hi, I’d like to find out more about how your dance classes work please?” 

“Sure! Do you have any previous dance experience or would you say you’re more of a beginner?” 

“Definitley a beginner! I’ve been to a couple of places and it hasn’t gone so well, I felt a bit embarrassed..” 

“That’s no good, do you mid me asking where you went or why you felt embarrassed?” 

“Well, I just could’t seem to keep up. There were a lot of people and it said it was a beginner class but I felt like I was the only one that hadn’t done it before.” 

We book them in for a trial with their own teacher that proves that they CAN dance and they feel more comfortable. When they are ready we suggest they try one of our group classes and the rest is history! 

Fast forward a couple of years and they are confident social dancers, dancing out and about each weekend and learning all sorts of styles they never thought they would be 🙂 



I’m not saying that QuickSteps is the only place this can happen. I’m wanting to highlight that it’s important to find the right studio and class structure for you and for a lot of people group classes only is not the right way to go. 

Do your research, try a few places and have some fun 🙂