Private Lessons vs Group Classes

Category: Social Dancing / Last Updated: Sun Jul 21 / Written By: Michelle


At QuickSteps we teach through a combination of private and group lessons. We are passionate about this combination, as it makes for the best dance learning experience.

Private lessons

During your private lessons your teacher will quickly see what type of learner you are. Your teacher will personalise the way that leading, following, technique, timing and step patterns are taught. Your lessons will progress at a pace which is right for you and you’ll never be left stumbling around not knowing what you’re doing.

Group lessons

Just because you get a teacher’s 100% attention at a private lesson doesn’t mean that you should not attend group lessons.

Group lessons can be considered a fun way to practice and develop that all important muscle memory. Whilst we do teach step patterns in a group lessons, it’s the repetition that will allow you to feel comfortable with the dance and be able to use your dancing whilst out and about.

While group lessons are naturally a great way to get to know the other students, you’ll also get to meet some of the other teachers at QuickSteps. Every teacher has a different way of teaching, and group lessons are a great opportunity to experience this.

Only Group lessons?

Many dance schools around Australia teach through group lessons alone. This works well for people with previous dance experience as they’ll find it easy to keep up with the teacher. However for those that are trying dancing for the first time if you cannot keep up with the large class, it can be very demotivating.

There are so many people out there that I know would love dancing, but because of one or two group lessons they attended where they simply didn’t get it, they gave up just too early!

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