QuickSteps at the Royal Oak Hotel with Reggae On

QuickSteps at The Royal Oak 

Royal Oak Hotel at Night

We have been to see Reggae On before, you may remember the salsa night we had at The Highway Hotel. It was such a great night that when I heard they were playing again, this time at the Royal Oak Hotel, I made sure QuickSteps went along. 

A Unique Venue

If you haven’t been to The Royal Oak Hotel before you really should get down there and check it out. There’s live music every night from Wednesday through to Sunday. 

live music poster

It’s also a very unique pub in the way all of the interier furniture has been lovingly curated. The seats are old pull down theatre style chairs, art deco tables and a crazy trumpet sculpture hanging from the roof. 

Royal Oak, calm before the storm!
music sculpture

The Band Starts Up… 

When the teachers all arrived at 7pm we found QuickSteps members already there enjoying a meal and a chat. The pub food here at The Royal Oak is fabulous! 

At 7:30pm Reggae On took to the stage… 

Bursting At The Seams! 

I quickly asked Micheal for a salsa and we were the first ones up on the floor. One by one QS dance couples took to the floor and by the end of the song the floor was packed! The lead singer said he felt like he was on the set of Dancing With The Stars! 

By the time it got to the 3rd or 4th song we could barely move and our salsas and rock ‘n rolls had become Merengues! 

royal oak is full!
dance floor at royal oak is full of dancers

To The Beer Garden! 

In true QuickSteps fashion we were determined to find more space for dancing and soon moved into the beer garden to create our own dance floor. 

Beer Garden at the Royal Oak hotel
Jam and Niel
dance teachers relaxing with memebrs

When the QuickSteps community ‘invades’ the pub it’s not all about the dancing. It’s also a great chance to catch up with friends and have a chat. So when the band takes a break so do we! This is when we can rest our feet and mingle.

There was even a quick game of cherades in one corner!? Um, Um?! A bear? No! A Tiger?! Lion, it’s got be a Lion. 

playing cherades

By 10pm it was time to head home, most of us have work on Monday morning. We said our goodbyes and headed out the door.

Reggae on your were fab and we will see you again soon! 

If you missed this outing then why not consider heading the The Royal Oak for a swing dance at one of their populat Jazz Nights? 

Jazz band ready to play
swing dancing couple at the royal oak hotel
weekly Jazz night with swing dancers

See you on the dance floor! 

xx Mish