Wednesdays at Casablabla (Now on Fridays)

 Great News! This weekly salsa nioght is back up and running again but on a Friday!

The biggest weekly salsa night on the Adelaide dance scene for many years had been Wednesday night at Casablabla, also known as Pachange Nights. It’s success is attributed to many great features such as it’s funky location, friendly DJ and, above all, it’sconsistency. 

External picture of Casblabla

The medium sized Leigh Street bar is a long established institution for world music in the city. Each night of the week there is an interesting theme with creative live music or a performance from exotic locations around the globe. Some of these nights feature belly dancing, Brazilian Drumming, blues and Jazz. So it is easy to see how a regular salsa night fits in! 

If you’re feeling peckish get there early and share some food with friends. The share platters are divine and it will give you more energy to dance the night away.

Food at Casablabla

More Salsa dancers and spectators are attending every month, with the place almost always packed to the brim by 10pm. If you are heading to Casblabla (or BlaBla for the regulars) in summer be sure to arrive early!

Being on a Wednesday, Pachanga Nights at Casablabla is the perfect way to add a bit of spice to middle of your week. Goodbye ‘Hump Day blues’, hello Salsa! 

Fra and Sari smiling dancing salsa

What would you see there? 

The night began with a Come-and-Try Salsa lesson at 8:30pm, as a way to get the ball rolling for anyone that may not have danced before. Also, with no entry fee, you have more money to spend on sangrias. 

free salsa lesson at casablabla in the upstairs section

Latino beats fill the air as the dance floor at the top of the bar packs with Salsa die-hards. The room is alive as more and more dancers take up the lower levels. The front bar pulses with vibrancy as everyone moves to the rhythm.

What Music Will I Hear? 

The DJ plays a hearty mix of salsa, bachata, merengue and even reggaeton, while each cluster of studio groups generally mix, dance and socialise with each other nicely. 

Kevin, Roi, Tam at Casblabla

Casablabla has a great vibe and excellent music. The only downside would be the lack of floor space. This can become frustrating and intimidating for newer dancers and those that have not had as much time to work on floorcraft. 

Pro Tips

  • Get there early, as the later it gets the more difficult it can be to find space on the dance floor. 
  • Don’t attempt to use new moves that you are not confident with yet. Stick to what you know and do it well. 
  • Dance upstairs if you want atmosphere and are more experienced.
  • Dance downstairs if you are newer to salsa and want a bit more space. 

Wrap Up: A great night of dancing guaranteed but get there early to beat the crowds! This weekly salsa night will be missed… 

We are currently waiting on an update from DJ Hugo as to where this weekly event will be held from ow on. I’ll keep y’all posted!