Experience Series Group Dance Classes

Experience Series Group Dance Classes

Experience Series Group Dance Classes

Since announcing the Experience Series we’ve seen lots of enthusiasm, along with many questions. This page is designed to answer all of those questions, so you can decide for yourself whether you’re ready to jump in!

Q: What is the Experience Series?

A: The Experience Series are a suite of group classes that we’re rolling out that have three distinct differences compared to our regular group classes.

1. There is continuity in the content that you learn. Each class builds on the what was covered in the previous week


2. You only cover one dance and one level


3. Classes are held at the same time every week


4. Everyone starts and finishes together. You can drop out (we’d be sad to see you go), but you can’t drop in.


Q: Is this available to me?

A: Experience Series are currently on offer to all Smooth Groover, Floor Burners and Socialite members that are attending lessons as part of a Quicksteps Membership. Members’ lesson payments come out of their bank account as a direct debit payment and they enjoy their private lessons once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

Q: If I am not currently a member, can I become one?

A: Absolutely! We know that there are many benefits to becoming an QS Member such as…

  • Discounted weekly rates


  • More time on the dance floor rather than at the front desk making payments


  • Consistency of classes over the year regardless of what your crazy schedule may throw at you


  • Extra benefits such as Members only Experience Series groups


  • Unlimited access to Workshops, our online app and exclusive performance opportunities


You can become a member by speaking to Michelle, Ben or your teacher, or picking up a Membership Form at the front desk next time you are in the studio. 

If you have never been to the studio before but would like to become a member you can now book online! You will be booking what we call a Taste Tester. This is a free private lesson where you will get; 

  • Free drink on arrival 
  • Tour of the studio 
  • Chat with your teacher and our community advisor to set goals for your dancing
  • A free mini private dance lesson, generally covering 2-3 styles
  • Community advisor will walk you through the different membership options so you can choose the best option for you 

To book in go back to our homepage and follow the prompts starting with are you ‘coming in with a partner or riding solo’ 

Q: Is there any ‘prior learning’ I need to have completed before I join?

A: Yes, there is. Part of the success of these classes depends on people from the appropriate level attending and learning together at the same pace. ‘Level 2 Rumba’ for example is a spin off of Beginner 2 Rumba syllabus therefore all participants will have passed their Beginner 1 Progress-Check before attending the Experience Series Rumba Level 2. Similarly, Salsa Level 3 is a spin off of the Salsa Intermediate 1 syllabus so participants will have completed both their Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 progress checks.

Q: What will we learn?

A: You will learn selected material from the appropriate syllabus along with technique, styling, timing and lead and follow. See the Experience Series Course Outlines here.

Q: How long will the Experience Series run for?

A: The Series is currently planned in 10-week blocks with lessons occurring at the same time and day every week. This 10-week block may be adjusted to 12-week blocks in the future, with the intention of experience series running from January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December.

Q: Why has QuickSteps decided to launch these Experience Series?

A: At QuickSteps we are always looking for ways to improve your experience and spoil our regular members with more dancing options.

We are also passionate about improving the overall quality of our group classes so that students get more out of their group classes and quicker achieve their dancing goals. Structuring groups so they are delivered in a sequential manner, with a common group of students will aid in this.

Q: Is there any extra cost involved to join the Experience Series?

A: Not at this stage. Right now they are completely free for Quicksteps Members (direct debit members) to attend on top of their regular private lessons and regular group classes.