QuickSteps Winter Workshop – Salsa Overhaul

QuickSteps Winter Workshop – Salsa Overhaul

You can watch the video of Michelle and Fra covering all the content from their Winter Workshop. Key topics cover are:

Timing and the importance of continuity

  • You can use your salsa timing in place or to move in any direction 
  • Don’t stop your dancing to move places on the dance floor! Move in that same pattern to manoeuvre around the floor and then continue dancing
  • You can use that same rule to move around in a circle. This is a simple little move that can also be used as a new step pattern for fun!  

KEEP IN MIND! You can’t do any of this moving around the floor if you and your partner are dancing without a true connection. Let’s talk about connection. 


  • Followers need to ‘dance into the palm’ of the leader so that you know where they are going
  • Leaders need to look for that connection; it makes it easier for you to lead and steer the dance
  • Leaders can play around with the amount of rotation and the speed of which you turn on the spot to create a new step


The Pattern

The Open break – What is it?

  1. Leaders step back on the left foot rather than forward, creating an open position between the couple. 
  2. The leader then moves slightly to the side, clearing the train tracks for the followers to spin past the leader. 
  3. The followers Right turn now becomes a travelling turn moving straight past the leader. 
  4. Practise this on your own down a straight line.
  5. The leader does a second Open break and moving to the side, leading the follower into an Enchufla Turn (inside turn) into a side step facing a new direction with the follower now behind them,
  6. Followers also do a second Open Break, into an inside turn, a back rock, and stepping forward behind the leader. 

Now we are applying the timing exercise we used at the beginning of the class!

  • Leader steps on the place, maintaining our salsa timing
  • Followers maintain salsa timing and walk in a circle around the leader
  • Finish with a final inside turn for the followers until the couple is into the starting position again

‘Windmill’ arm styling option for leaders

Something a bit fancy!

Then we do it all from the top! 

And from the top with Music… (not quite so fast Michelle!)

And then make sure you throw in a cheeky shimmy for good measure!

And you’re done!