Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Let’s start with bachata facts , what Bachata is and Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Bachata is a dance in the street Latin family along with merengue, salsa, kizomba, and cha cha cha. It has often been taught alongside salsa and, for the last 15 years or so, has somewhat been in salsa’s shadow. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride….

Move Over Salsa!

Over the last 15 years, at Latin dance nights around Adelaide, you might hear 80% salsa and 20% Bachata music.

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Fast forward to 2022, and you’re much more likely to hear 50% salsa and 50% bachata. You could even find yourself attending a 100% Bachata party. Bachata popularity is growing, and nothing can stop it!

Below are some examples of bachata music versus salsa music.

Salsa Music

Bachata Music

(Side note: how great is this DJ?! It’s always a treat to see someone who loves what they do! haha)

Lain Festivals and ‘Weekenders’

Whereas there used to be Salsa Festivals or ‘weekenders’ with 3 days of workshops and social dance nights focusing on salsa with a sprinkling of bachata throughout, it is now the opposite. These festivals are now packed with Bachata artists and workshops to try and keep up with demand. The Sydney International Bachata Festival is one example. SIBF is one of the biggest festivals on the Aussie dance calendar, and although the name may lead you to believe it is all bachata, there is also the required spattering of salsa throughout. Bachata is now the hero.

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Adelaide-based Festivals are also on the Bachata bandwagon, with the annual Adelaide Sensual Weekend happening in August featuring Bachata almost exclusively!

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Does this sound like something you’d like to get involved in? Follow this link for more details! Adelaide Sensual Weekend Bachata! 

This festival is organized by the one and only MUTATI!

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Here at QuickSteps, we are adding more and more Bachata to the calendar and even had our very own Bachata weekend with Mitch Bilic back in Feb.

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

So what is behind this sudden spike in popularity? 2 things… Why Is Bachata So Popular

1. The Music

Bachata music is beautiful. Now that it has been remixed from popular songs, the style is more open and accessible to people with all different tastes in music. This also means that many bachata songs are now in English, making the style even more attractive to dancers in Europe, America, Uk, and Australia.

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Dj Tronky is by far the most famous and popular Bachata Remix Dj. He has remixed everything from Backstreet Boys to Adele to Ed Sheeran and everything in between!

2. The Moves

Bachata is also an easy dance for beginners as it is slower than its more well-known brother, salsa.

The basic step is a simple side-to-side action with a tap. Anyone can walk into their first bachata class and leave with some basics they can use on the social floor.

If you don’t believe me, have a go yourself! This video will teach you how. 

So What’s Next for Bachata?

Why Is Bachata So Popular?

Well, we can’t see Bachata calming down anytime soon. It will most likely continue to grow and grow until it is a ‘mainstream’ style of partner dance for most studios. More songs will continue to be remixed, and more moves will be created. What a great time to be a dancer!

Until next time, happy Bachata dancing, and see you on the dance floor!

x Mish