The Swing Ball at Adelaide Casino

The Swing Ball at Adelaide Casino


Whilst after 2 fabulous years it was very sad to see the end of ArtHouse Swing it wasn’t long before the void was filled; enter Lucky Seven and DJ Curvella at Sky City adelaide for ‘Jumpin’ Rhythm and Blues Swing Ball at the Adelaide Casino! (now called the Swing Ball)


The Swing Ball at Adelaide Casino



We arrived around 8:30pm and entered off North Terrace, welcomed by the delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen of Madame Hanoi’s Kitchen. If you haven’t been there before I can highly recommend it and being at the Casino it makes for the perfect Dinner and Dance combination 😉 


The Swing Ball at Adelaide Casino



We walked up past the bar and turned right travelling up 2 levels through gaming, black jack tables and the main sports bar until we hit the entrance to the Casino’s beautiful Oasis Rooftop Bar.


The Swing Ball at Adelaide Casino



The glass double doors opened and we were hit by the warm breeze of a balmy Adelaide summer evening and the welcome sound of jive music in the air. There was only a handful of people dancing but immediatley I knew this would be the clam before the storm… 



The sultry sounds of DJ Curvella filled the air… Dj Curvella plays retro jive, swing and rock n roll hits from multiple eras to get you up and grooving. She’s hard to miss! With her retro themed, pin up style clothes, hair and make up she really looks the part. 


The Swing Ball at Adelaide Casino



I spotted a few of the guys from Lucky Seven and wandered over to have a quick chat to find out a little more about how the night would unfold and what the intentions were with the new dance night on the Adelaide Dance Scene. 


“We’ll be playing right through until midnight and then DJ Curvella will play through until very late after that. If it all goes well we are planning to do this once a month on a Friday up here” 


I was happy to hear this as the dance scene is really feeling the loss of ArtHouse that wrapped up in December 2018. The difficult thing with running and hosting these events is the lack of drinks purchased over the bar when people are dancing. In saying that though the bar tenders up at Oasis Bar were already starting to get quite busy before 9pm so fingers crossed this will be a night that continues on well into the future. 



9 o’clock on the dot and Lucy Seven strikes up and starts to play. This is when all of the dancers start to come out of the woodwork and fill the floor. 


If you are new to swing or rock n roll dancing, as always I would highly recommend arriving as early as you can.


The first hour is the best time for beginner dancers to get up and dance.


There is plenty of space and you can dance more confidently knowing that you’re not going to have any collisions! 


9:30pm and the sun has set. The dance floor is then flooded with bright reds, purples and yellows as the party lights are switched on and more dance enthusiasts take to the floor! 



By 10pm the floor was starting to fill with dancers and the tables and chairs around the dance floor were packed to the brim with Lucky Seven fans, of which there are many. Since Lucky Seven’s first gig at the Jade Monkey back in 2004 they have grown to become ‘Australia’s Hottest Swing Band’. 


Of course no jazz/swing style song is complete without a moment in the spotlight for the drummer. Lucky Seven’s drummer sure knows how to wrap up a song with style! 



All in all this was a fabulous night of dancing and one that QuickSteps will certainly be promoting and getting behind for the foreseeable future. Jumpin’ Jive at the ‘Cas’ is helping to make our beautiful city pop with colour and flair… 


See you cats around! 




Recent Update:

The name of this event has now been changed to Swing Ball at The Casino. You can find more information on facebook by following the Lucky Seven Band or The Adelaide Casino and keeping an eye on their events. 

The next Swing Ball (Spring Swing Ball) is here! This coming Friday 27th of September!