Rumba Level Two

Rumba Level Two

Rumba Level Two

It’s time to move forward with your Rumba! This experience series will take you through the core parts of the QuickSteps Beginner Two syllabus, covering dance steps, technique and lead / follow. At the end, you get to give it all at try at your very own dance party.

Lesson 1 – Monday 11/1/16 – Time for an Upgrade

  • Learn the Upgraded UnderArm Turn and apply it to your freestyle


  • Create an UnderArm Turn that is more graceful and fluid


  • Learn to lead and Follow it properly- How do you establish the difference between turns as a follower?


  • Apply Arm styling options to the move


Lesson 2 – Monday 18/1/16 – Cross Body Lead

  • Learn the Cross Body Lead and apply it to your freestyle


  • Learn the correct lead and follow for a Cross Body Lead


  • Apply correct technique


  • Gain Styling tips to help you give your Cross Body Lead more movement and attitude


Lesson 3 – Monday 25/1/16 – Technique Freak

  • Learn how to increase hip movement in rumba for a softer and more polished appearance


  • Learn ‘tech drills’ that you can practise at home


  • Practise technique under the supervision of the teacher


Lesson 4 – Monday 1/2/16 – Rock Your Rumba!

  • Learn the 4 different ‘rocking actions’ in rumba and how they can be mixed and matched to create new steps


  • Learn the Policeman Step and how to lead it with confidence or follow it with style


  • Add styling to all 4 rocking actions and your Policeman Step


Lesson 5 – Monday 8/2/15 – Technique Freak and Practise Week!

  • 45mins of ‘tech drills’ and general practise


  • Revise over all step patterns applied over the last 5 weeks and dance them through to music


Lesson 6 – Monday 15/2/16 – Cross Overs

  • Learn Cross Overs in Rumba and apply them to your freestyle


  • Learn how to lead them with confidence


  • How to follow Cross Overs- never miss a Cross Over again!


Lesson 7 – Monday 22/2/16 – Wedding Swivels

  • Learn Wedding Swivels and apply them to your rumba freestyle


  • How exactly should they be lead and followed?


  • Learn the perfect swivel technique for swivel elements in the future


Lesson 8 – Monday 29/2/16 – Technique and Routine

  • ‘Tech drills’


  • Revise each step learnt over the last 8 weeks and build them into a mini routine to music


Lesson 9 – Monday 7/3/16 – Questions Answered…

  • Participants are encouraged to ask lots of questions about the material learnt over the last 9 weeks and all steps are perfected to music


  • ‘Tech drills’


Lesson 10 – Monday 14/3/16 – Private Dance Party!

  • This is the best part of the whole experience- putting everything you have been working on into practise! The music plays, we dance and enjoy a casual mingle and a cheeky drink to celebrate our achievements!