8 Reasons to Start Dancing

8 Reasons to Start Dancing

8 Reasons to Start Dancing

8. Be interesting: sometimes you meet new, colourful, interesting people. It seems they are always doing something new! They seem to never sit still and are thoroughly enjoying sucking the marrow out of life. Now it’s your turn to be one of those people and take the plunge.

7. Improve your balance: you have balance because your body automatically makes subtle adjustments to keep you upright. Dancing requires quick changes in positioning of the body, especially the feet, ankles, knees and hips. Because your eyes are not fixed on a single point as you dance, good balance is necessary to make smooth, graceful moves. The more you practise your dancing, the more you are fine tuning your body to achieve great balance.

6. Improved posture: most of us want to improve our posture but trying to constantly remind yourself to sit up straight at the computer can be difficult! When dancing you will quickly find that having a bad posture doesn’t work and you’ll naturally adopt a better posture. A good posture actually helps lead and follow and your ability to turn and spin.

5. Cardio: Many of us find it hard to keep up the gym visits for more than a few weeks yet we know the importance of regular cardio workouts. Dancing is a cardio activity that is easy to stick to because it’s fun!

4. Improved relationships: Dancing can improve and nurture all of the important elements of a healthy romantic relationship. We find that QuickSteps is even recommended by marriage counselors.

3. Self confidence and social ease: Have you ever been enjoying a night out up until the dancing started? Knowing that you have the ability to dance with any person in any social situation can give you a huge sense of satisfaction and ease during social events.

2. Stress relief: Dancing relieves stress. You’ll walk into your lesson thinking about work, kids and the in-laws, but when you start dancing, you’re concentrating on your timing, movement, lead/follow, music, body positions so you forget everything else!

1. You just wont regret it: I have been teaching dance for many years. Many people tell me they’ve been thinking about dancing for 10 years before they actually stepped through our front door! Every week someone will tell me ‘I wish I had started this sooner!’. Don’t become another. Life’s too short to wait any more.